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I was wondering if there was an age limit to being Wiccan because I am an 11 year old girl who is soon going to do my year and a day study to see if being a solitary Wiccan is what I really want. It's hard for me to know because neither of my parents are Wiccan. Thanks.

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Many groups won't initiate anyone under the age of 18, to avoid legal issues, but if you're doing it solitary, I've never seen a majikal or spiritual reason not to start as young as you'd like. Consider that many Wiccan parents raise their children in their faith. Just be careful, practice safety if using any fire, and don't sneak off or meet up with someone without telling your parents where you've gone. I strongly recommend discussing it with your parents first.

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I can answer questions about being a solitary witch, as well as the history of pagan religions and witchcraft, and the teenage perspective. I can also help you learn about a variety of divinitory and magical methods if you want an introduction. NOTE: I will generally not give you a premade spell to do something,and also refuse to take part in anything unethical - please remember I'm a person, not an automatic spell-dispensing machine.


I was a practicing solitary for almost 2 years, and have been studying wicca for some years before that in an effort to make my decision. I've also taken a class on paganism, both historical and contemporary, and have informally taught several students. I specifically spend a lot of time with younger students, and so can provide a younger perspective.

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