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Blessed be. I am a 11 year old girl and I am a strong believer in Wicca although my parents are not. My mom is fine with me preforming richuals but she doesn't want me using candles. Is there an alternate???

There are plug in candles and even battery powered candles. The flame of a real candle is merely a representation of what that element stands for so even using something alternative is also fine as it is still being representative.  Instead of burning something during a spell or ritual you can use the alternative of burying it, or if it is a windy day you can tear it into small pieces and throw it to the wind. If you have a lake or pond tear it into small pieces and throw it there (though I would advise using eco friendly and biodegradable paper for any burying of paper or tearing up paper).

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I can answer questions on just about anything pertaining to Wicca and witchcraft and I can also answer a variety of questions on Paganism in general.


I have practiced Paganism for 11 years, mainly Wicca, but also some things from other Pagan belief systems tied in. I have, and currently am, studying other Pagan religions other than Wicca. I especially know what it is like to be a teen trying to practice Paganism and trying to explain it to family, been there, done that. Your questions don't just have to pertain to anything spiritual or religious, I have a wide knowledge of Pagan things like divination techniques, different practices, recipes, how to make your own tools, what to substitute other things for tools, how to make your own spells/rituals/sigils and more, and tons of other stuff.

I have no educational credentials that apply directly to answering questions about Paganism as there are not really any accredited universities of Paganism or anything. I am not, nor ever have been in a coven as I am a solitary practicioner, but on occasion I have practiced with others. But I am a licensed pharmacy technician and a student of psychology.

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