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Pagan/Wiccan Religion/How can I control the gift of Sight and ultrasensitivity?


I come from a family with a long history of gifts from the Sight to ESP and i have come to inheirt two of them. They are becoming more of curses as I go older and I was wondering if there is any way i could ease the pain they cause me, or is there any way I cal control them?

Well Scott, I'm in the same boat.  My "sight beyond sight" has come down to me through both of my parents and is extremely strong in my immediate family.  My mother, my sister, and I can communicate telepathically with complete clarity and understanding--no joke.  You bring up a good point--that this clairvoyance is both a gift and a curse.  Over the years I've come to understand that this is the natural state--that gift and curse make up a balance, and that balance reflects the full spectrum of nature.  If we are attuned, we will be attuned to all things, dark and light, bad and good.  Your pain is, I would say, caused by the conflict between the nature of your ability and your roots in what we might call "this world".  And there's nothing wrong with this--we all go through it at some time.  To bring the pain of your attunement under your control, you only need to accept the purity of sight as it comes to you.  You don't control the visions that are given to you, but you can learn to control how you react.  The sight itself does not deliver pain or discord--these are human concepts, created by the human brain.  Keep in mind that you and only you are in control of your reactions.  It will take time.  But in the end, you'll have a stronger mind as well as a cleaner path for the sight.  Be blessed!

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I think I had the best and healthiest spiritual upbringing a child could experience. To begin, my parents were themselves spiritual explorers, having thought through the mainstream dogma of their youth to a point of universal acceptance and a belief of the divine inherent in everything (and in nothing) . We had no labels and really didn’t need any. They taught me the basics of morality and ethics, and the significance of the intangible, that which really couldn’t be described in words. There were Neopagan and Wiccan influences, but I was encouraged to study and experience all faiths so that I might be of better service to humanity. I began my studies in depth with the Temple of the Ways, a progressive Wiccan-themed tradition celebrating the goddess Nehallenia. In addition to being an active member in the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess, I also began several new projects and initiatives—Spiral Way, Grove of the Seven Sisters, the Tribe of Theagenia, the Sisterhood of Themiskyra, and most recently the Melusines. I am a regular participant and occasional ritual leader in several local covens and circles. But I go where I am needed, and so I often serve as visiting clergy with other groups. My favorite action is when I attend interfaith gatherings as a representative of alternative faiths. I carry the community with me, and I am honored to speak as best I can on everyone’s behalf. Walking my path has been a sincere spiritual adventure, one that has challenged ideas of which I was once certain and one that has helped me develop new thoughts. That I have evolved in mind and spirit over the years is an absolute for me. At the end of the day, I would like to discover who we are and why are we here.

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