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hi, we have always known of a spirit in our home of 12 years, we have all lived in harmony. recently our landlords had the attic cleaned out of past tenents belongings, since then we have come to realize there is another spirit. how we known? diffrent behaviors, and we have seen her now twice. Is there a ritual or a spell or a prayer, that we can perform so she can rest again? or at least let her know we mean no harm. thankyou


I am glad that you are not frightened and realize that the spirit in your home has been disturbed and could use some assistance.

First, going into the area and acknowledging and apologizing for disturbing her. Then, depending on your feelings there are two different things to do.

One will simply "put her at ease" and help to reach an accommodation with her. The second will help her to leave the premises and hopefully go to the Summerlands.

The First one is as follows:

Get some Lavender, myrrh, and sandalwood.

If you are Wiccan, set up a circle, acknowledge the spirit and the quarters. If not, then place yourself is a bubble of healing sanctified, positive, compassionate energy.

Then light the combination of herbs/incense and speak any words that you feel appropriate to make an agreement with her. CAUTION, be VERY SPECIFIC on what you agree to as SHE will follow it exactly as you say! If you break your word, she will become less "accomodating" !

The second is as follows:

A white and black candle
A glass of Red Wine
A glass of White Wine

Sage stick or Mountain sage incense.

Stand in the area where you see her most ( or where she "resides")
Light the candles
Hold up the Red Wine and Bless it as you see fit
Hold up the White Wine and Bless it as you see fit
Offer her the Red Wine, spill a little on the floor to honor the Deities
Offer her the White Wine, spill a little on the floor to honor the Deities

Tell her that you accept her and wish her well on her journey to the Summerlands
Then Light the Sage Stick, let it burn until you feel that she has left.

IF you need further assistance please contact me!

Bright Blessing,

Alfred Willowhawk

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