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Berzerker wrote at 2014-11-20 22:45:11
Bay and Questioner.  I hope you do not mind me adding to this answer.

As for my group, we traditionally do not teach any minors without the parents.  One, to avoid Legal issues, like you said.  Two, so that both Parents and Potential learn that the Old Faith is more than just lighting Candles, and writing Spells.

I will give you an example.

I knew the teacher of a RCIA Class.  She had a girl in there claiming to be a Wiccan, and being disrespectful on multiple levels.  So my mother went to her parents, and told them they had an Expert in Pagan Faith, who might be able to help their daughter.  The girl's parents thought help meant cure, fix, and return her to Christianity.

I met with the parents spoke with them, at great links.  Then I spoke to the girl and the parents.  Then my family, who is mostly Catholic, invited the girl's family to a large meal.

I gave her a crash course in the ancient faith.  I walked her through a ritual killing of a sheep, sacrifice, and ritual.  The first thing the girl did was go apologize to her parents for how bad she had been acting.  

The parents noticed right away, that her grades went up and she became more respectful of adults.  The girl is still "Wiccan", but all the behaviors that the parents thought were in direct correlation to Wicca and Pagan Faiths, were gone.  

The parents, initially thought it was the New Religion causing the issues.  It was a lack of deeper connection.  The girl practices with a Local Coven, with the permission of her parents.  


If you practice the faith, do it with good heart and mind.  Remember, morally weak behavior and disrespect of elder is not our faith, no matter what aspect you see yourself in being.  

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