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Hello I'm living in an apartment building where we share 12 separate apartments, and out of the 12 there are 4 families, one of which just moved on ha sheen nothing but grou me. Noise.every night.despite the complaints to the manager and police, nothing is being done. What can I do to get these people to get their "just deserts". An other words get what they I can't finally get some much needed rest. And what can I do to keep it quiet here if and when any of these people move out. Because that is the problem here, when one set I'd noose makers move out, another set moves I . Please .is there somethingI can do (inconspicuousy) to keep some peace and quiet? Thank you for your time

Well, I've never had to deal with this because I live in a noisy country, so I guess I'm used to it. If you're looking for something to "get revenge" I won't be able to assist with that because I don't really believe in getting back at people. It's just not the kind of magick I do.

I'm assuming you've already done the typical things, like speaking with the manager, calling the police, tried wearing ear muffs, etc. Now, I'm not certain about noisy neighbours, but I do know of something called 'black salt' and it's used against troublesome neighbours. Just sprinkle some in front your door..

I do know someone that can help you though. She's a moderator on my forum on Luna's Grimoire ( If you post something there, I'm certain she will be able to assist. And I'm certain that someone on the forum would've had noisy neighbours and found a solution for them. Visit them and they'll help certainly. I wish I could help you more, but I've just never had to dealt with that.  

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