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QUESTION: I have recently moved to a new house that I feel a little uncomfortable in. The extra presence in the house is trying to get a point across of which i do not know. Normaly i don't feel apprehensive at these extra guests but this time is a little different. I wouldn't say I am scared but more apprehensive to clarify. A couple of weeks ago I happened to walk past the dining room window, which is a glass sliding door to see my dog, a Labrador standing still in what appeared to be shock/fear with all of his hair standing up not only on the back of his neck but all the way down his back as well which I have never seen before.He was staring at a massive black bird of a species I couldn't identify. All I can remember is the size of the feet, I could not remember what its head looked like for some reason, but it was huge. He did not bark, did not move towards it.He is a gentle dog/soul and belongs to my son who has autism, so he wouldn't off attacked it anyway. It then jumped off the back of the chair, onto the ground, onto the fence and disappeared over it. I've never seen it again, but feel it was important. Your views on this would be greatly appreciated. With thanks.

ANSWER: Hmmm, sounds to me like you have a household fae. Fae or faires can manifest themselves into whatever they think you'll be more comfortable with, or uncomfortable with, in this case. I think it might be a brownie or household helper, trying to let you become aware of its presence. They aren't harmful, unless you piss them off. Try leaving some sugar biscuits outside with some milk and see if it feels any different. If the bird didn't attack, then it's not a harmful being. Try that and let me know how it goes. If the situation is unresolved, then we can look at other beings, however, I'm 99% sure it's a household brownie.

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QUESTION: Ahh, now I understand.And thank you, the bird was not aggressive in any way, it was just HUGE! I have one more question if I may. I seem to have a couple of beings. There is a lovely presence who quite often puts on a gorgeous show of lights and love and another presence who wakes me up in the middle of the night in what I could only describe of as a demanding way, then waits for something. As i said before I don't know what. Is he doing this because I have made no offering and I need to be making them or is there another reason or point he is trying to make? I don't believe I have shared a home with Fae before. Once again, thank you.

The one that's waking you COULD want something, or it could just be a mischievous fae playing games.. That lovely being you see with a lovely show of love and light, that would be an angel.. particularly, YOUR angel. Sharing a home with a fae isn't a bad thing. They can babysit your kids and pets while you're away or busy.. Try the offering and let me know if things settle down. Also when he/she wakes you, you should try asking it its name and purpose, not in a fearful or demanding manner, just in a curious tone and if you can, you can get out of bed (which is what I would do) and give it some milk or a cookie and see if it lets you sleep :) Let me know how it goes and if you need more information on these creatures, you can visit my website ( or email me at  

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