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I have tried very hard (for many years) to 'visualize' the successful artistic career I want in life. But while I've had some success, it has not been much--because I still continue to struggle financially and am not too psyched overall about my work.  This is a long way of asking, could you please advise me how to cast a spell to attract the kind of success I would like for my writing and other artistic endeavors--to really be able to be my own boss and LOVE what I am doing and make at least six figures?  ANd also--this job/company would involve my husband as a partner--and through this working together, bring us ever closer together? And allow us to really fix up the house, which is kinda falling apart!  Thxxxx-


I recommend the use of a simple, but powerful Inviolate Success Candle Spell.  Use this each and every time you require success during an endeavor.  This requires multiple uses.  First you need to create a powerful Holy Oil to anoint (apply to) your candle.  For this you will need:          

1. Small dark glass bottle with cap.
2. 1 oz. extra virgin olive oil (the carrier oil).
3. 30 drops of Myrrh essential oil.
4. 30 drops of Frankincense essential oil.
5. (You will need an eyedropper).

Choose the correct concentration strength of the essential oils to ensure the blend is not overpowering. Usually, a 10 percent strength concentration of essential oils (about 65 drops) added to 1 oz. of a carrier oil is sufficient for most blends.  Place the glass bottle on a table. Carefully pour the extra virgin olive oil into the bottle.  Use the eyedropper to add the drops of both frankincense and myrrh essential oils to the bottle. Put the cap on the bottle to close. Note that this formula uses a lower concentration of essential oils. Store your anointing oil in a cool area. Keep it out of direct sunlight to protect it from the damaging effects of the sun's ultraviolet light. Anointing oil is prayed over (consecrated) before its use.  Ask the Arch Angels to charge the oil for your positive use.

After your anointing oil is ready you can proceed with your Inviolate Success Candle Spell.


This spell requires a yellow offertory candle, a candle holder, cinnamon incense, and a bottle of your newly created Anointing Oil.  Using a needle, pin, or small pocket knife, carve the word "SUCCESS" on the candle 9 times in a continuous spiral, like the stripes on a barber pole. Dress or apply totally the candle with Anointing Oil.  Then prepare to ignite a cone or wand of the cinnamon incense.  Before you are about to embark on asking for advice, or making preparations for your business, or relating to your loved one, light the candle and hold it aloft in your hand, facing East and stating: "May all my works be crowned with success." Next
light the incense, again saying: "May all my works be crowned with success." Finally, dip your finger in the oil and then anoint your forehead and the crown of your head with one upward sweep of Crown of Success oil, saying: "May [insert specific details, e.g. 'my success in business'] be crowned with success." Let the candle burn down until one entire "SUCCESS" word is consumed, then pinch it out (do not blow it out) and go forth perform.  Repeat each night for 9 nights until the candle is finished. You may obtain new candles and continue this spell each night for as long as you need.

After working and completing the spell to your satisfaction, you may also continue to apply to the top (crown) of your head with a drop of the Anointing Oil every day, saying the same
prayer each time: "May all my works be crowned with success."

This should do the job for you and serve you well.  May the Arch Angels protect you.  

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