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my memories not would it should be, so be for-warned that i am unsure as to whether what i'm saying is reality or a dream. when i was very little, i remember seeing shadow people. specifically i saw one who I've always called Shadow Lady. i remember hearing whispered voices, they'd sound vaguely like family members and it was always when i was sleepy. i don't remember much about my childhood other than i loved - still do really - being outside, being around animals and i preferred to play on my own. now i'm starting to think about religion and Christianity is just not me. i believe in the fair folk - they fae or fey etc. - and to be honest i just need some pointers with basic information on what would be best? i have also never had the Shadow Lady or the voices explained to me any further than maybe a ghost, a guardian angel, my imagination or a dream. my Nan would like me to follow in her footsteps as a spiritualist, and claims that sensitivity runs in the family (her sister predicted that my dads first born would be a girl and supposedly sensitive although she died before i was actually born) i know there's a lot here and it probably doesn't make an awful lot of sense but these question have always been in the back of my mind: who was the Shadow Lady? why did she visit me? what path should i follow bearing in mind my belief in the fey, and other supernatural things?

Greetings Laura,

In what is know as the "Craft of the Wise", Witchcraft or across the Salt Pond in the States as Wicca what you are describing and identifying as the Shadow Lady is either a Guide or possibly a deific manifestation for you.

As children who have the "gift" or sensitivity call this individual manifestation what makes sense to them. One individual with which I am acquainted began seeing an individual they called Spirit Gram when they were only 5 yrs old.

I feel that your Nan is encouraging you appropriately to follow out where your gift may lead you. Of course, it is always your decision on what and where you go with the sensitivity and other things that may manifest themselves in you as you walk that path.

As to sources on the FEY.  Here are a few that you may obtain through the Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church On-Line library ( asking for access by email to me at

Other sources can be obtained electronically through

Lastly I teach a course as part of Freshmen electives at Woolston-steen Theological Seminary on Celtic Mythology that may be also helpful. (

You can also go to and look for fey or british goblins for sources.

One book that has quite a bit useful information is the Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom by John and Catlin Matthews here is the link -

Also the first half of the book Manifesting True Desires Learning from Arianrhod and the Tree of Life written by me may be useful as it discusses Ariarhod a Celtic Goddess related to the Fey. Here is the link for that book as well.

Here are some links for documents

Feel free to contact me as you desire at

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