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Hau Winyela,

I apologize.  My Romani is not good at all.  I only know one word, Shuvani,and I apologize for that.  I am not Romani, and for that reason, do not spend much time with them.  However, I do love the practices that I can learn about.  I have always found the culture very reminiscent of Old Heathenry, a prime example for what Heathens and Pagans need to learn about to get closer to the old Religion/Culture.

My Religion is Heathenry, most specifically Celtic and British, and as a secondary, Germanic and Nordic.  I trained as a Druid, and currently hold the Rank of Master Druid.  As apart of Druidry, I had to study other Religions, just for knowledge.  I studied Voodoo and Ta Theian.  

A group of us who were Military and Law Enforcement, we started hanging out together because local Neo Pagan Groups treated us like garbage for being Warriors.  Eventually, we become the Wild Hunt order.

I was wondering, and chose you based on your answers here, if you would be interested in helping us build our collective knowledge.  Right now we have a Kemetic Priest (I can not spell the title for that without help), an Asatru Godhi, and Several other Heathens.


Sorry for my delayed response.  I have been out sick.

I am puzzled by some of your terms.
The words heathen and pagan are terms that have been used in a derogatory manner when referring to our people for centuries.  Heathen is from the Norse meaning people from the woods and pagan is from the Latin pagani which meant civilian as opposed to military or government employees.  Neither originally meant polytheistic.  Both evolved to mean outsiders and only became terms for polytheistic religions in contemporary language. Those of us born to this life don't use these terms. My group uses the term natural spirituality.
Both heathen and pagan, as I said, are now used to indicate polytheism, which is the acknowledgment that there may be more than one God/dess.  We choose to use the correct term.  

I am sorry that other groups in your area give you a hard time for being militia.  I am a military veteran myself.  I can tell you that you are probably dealing with witchy wannabes if that true because true natural spiritualists are usually very open minded people.  

I will be glad to give you my point of view on any questions you may have.  

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I can answer all questions regarding natural spirituality and being a pagan. Being Wicca, Golden Dawn, Shamanist, like saying you're Lutheran or Baptist. They are all forms of paganism and all based on natural spirituality. I am Romani (gypsy) and part Lakota (American Indian) and I was raised in natural spiritualism. I am a life path counselor for my group, a ritualist, and a spell weaver. Most of my work consists of guiding people on how to find spiritual peace in a very chaotic material world. Ask me anything.


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