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Many years ago, before I retired as a police office from one of the larger municipalities in Wyoming, I had occasion to see what I thought were large white canines on two separate times as I traveled in Wyoming at night. One time I was on a road traveling south out of Casper, WY., and the other time was traveling east on I-80. This was well before the re-introduction of wolves into WY.,and the time I thought I saw the canine as I traveled out of Casper, I actually turned around to see if I had indeed seen anything. These were fleeting glances, I was not driving in a tired or exhausted state, and I definitely wasn't drinking as I was on official police business. Since moving to Florida some 12+ years ago, I have never had such a sighting. Any opinion?

Timber wolves are pathfinders, and teachers.   They come to us during times when we are most open to fleeting glances to remind us that people depend on us for insight, lessons and finding new ways in the world.  Sounds like you were right where you needed to be.  

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