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im trying to find something that can take a love spell away from me

blessed be

Hi there, I'm not certain if you cast the spell or if the spell was cast on you.

If you cast the spell, there is never anything you can do once the spell is complete. Trying to break or undo a spell might not work or might even make it worse. Which is why you have to be careful when casting magick.

If the spell has been cast on you however you can do a return to sender meditation. This entails you visualising yourself in a shield or ball of mirrors, with the reflective side on the outside of course. Then imagine the spell being reflected off of the glass and back to the sender. If this does not prove fruitful, light as black candle and write a spell on a piece of paper to return they curse/spell to its caster. It doesn't have to rhyme but it has to be precise. You can use something like this:

"Powerless to spell cast harm
With this chant, now I thee render
Candle burn and bad return
Three times strong unto it's sender
So mote it be"

Make sure the candle burns down. Throw the remains into a river, stream or ocean.

If you need any further help, feel free to email me at

Love and light to you,

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