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QUESTION: Labyrinth,
I have been all over the place and done some reading but there is so much wicca/pagan information that its like an over load. I really think I just need some help. I am trying so hard but I can't find anyone who wants to mentor or teach longer then three emails. I will put in the work if you can please help me find someone legit who will help me long enough for me to learn. I just need some direction. I learned to read tarot and was with my tarot teacher for two years until I learned them. I can trade tarot readings with my new mentor or teacher. Please will you help me learn or will you please help me find someone else to teach me wicca and or magick? I would be very appreciative. Thank you so much


ANSWER: Being a natural spiritualist is a way of life.  Its a way to live, love, and work on a daily basis.  Its a way of fitting into the world and conducting yourself.  I can get you started if you have never been a true practitioner.  You're right, the internet is full of so much crap you can't tell what is real.  Be sure that is what you want and not just to be a witchy wannabe who goes around looking like a goth because that is not what real natural spiritualists are all about.  
Why don't we start with you telling me about yourself.  What experience have you had or what things have you learned beside what you think you know about the tarot??  Who are you?  Age, education, career??

I would be glad to help in any way I can.  Ask away...
I do have a sort of curriculum that I follow when working with brand new initiates, but it sounds as if you have some background already.  

Beginners required reading (in my group)
Wicca for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham
Grandmother of Time by Zsuzsanna Budapest
Witchcrafting by Phyllis Currott

I have some basic exercises in meditation and visualization that I consider required foundation skills if you need that.

Other than that just ask about whatever question you have or topic you'd like to learn about.

I occasionally need to go off for a week or two but I always come back.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok. I would rather not mention my name on here I am 28 years old and don't have a career unless you count raising my kids and husband lol. I don't actually have a lot of experience either unless you count a lot of reading. But I don't have a lot of money so most of my reading is online or through borrowed books. And the books I have bought are not actually respected by the community (I didn't realize that when I bought them Silver RavenWolf) I spent a lot of money on them and basicly learned a little bit but not much. I read the herbalists  encyclopedia. And I read a lot about candles. I read a little about astrology and read a few geology articles I was hoping to put it together and write my own spells but it didn't work out so well.

Like I said I am trying. I know nothing about meditating and have never tried visualization but would like to. I'm a little raw but I can't just give up when I read so many articles and things and have quite a few hours sifting through stuff that may or may not be serious. (The silver ravenwolf made me a little gunshy. Thanks so much for not just saying no.


There is no saying no...I'm in.

Okay, you obviously want some proactive assistance.
This is not Lesson #1 in my book but its pretty close.  I usually hit on our basic tenets and beliefs first and the daily devotional.  I would like you to let me know how much you know about spiritualism and the craft, what religion you were raised in.  How much do you think you know about what it means to be witch, wic, or a natural spiritualist.  What do you think we believe in?  What do you beleive in?

Excuse the 20 questions, but I usually conduct an interview to get some kind of idea where we are...  :)

Then here is your homework...and its not something you can finish tonight.  The requirements for being initiated into a circle are studying under a Priestess for a year and a day or until the following Feb 2nd.  Which would be 2014 for you if you buckle down...
Imbolc is just this weekend.  You may want to consider a dedication ceremony where you let the Goddess know your intentions and commit to her process.  Let me know...

I am leaving my computer now for today, but I will write again in the morning if there is a letter here from you.

Basic Meditation and Visualization

Meditation and visualization are to crucial components to the practice of the craft and natural spirituality.  I refer to them as skills, just as cooking is a skill for a homemaker and computer use may be a skill for an office worker.
Meditation serves two purposes.  First meditation is very important to the maintaining of emotional balance.  This balance is one of the most basic tenets of natural spirituality.  We seek balance in all things.  Think yin yang as an important life concept.  For love to abound there must be hate.  For prosperity to abound there must be poverty.  As natural spiritualists we seek to generate positive energy only as much as humanly (or inhumanly depending on who you are) possible.  There is enough horrible energy out there already.  The chosen (that’s us) seek to bring balance to the world by counter acting the nastiness that’s already out there.  Meditation is an opportunity to cleanse, calm, heal, your own inner self.
There is also ritual meditation.  We use the same meditation concepts to place us into a calm and pliable state before using our energy to promote ritual energy.  This is where the visualization skills become very important.  

Meditation and Visualization 101

Meditation is usually a quiet and personal affair.  I have several meditations that I will teach over the next year but this is where we begin.
Pick your place.  It should be quiet and private.  You should be able to close the shades and dim the light. You should have a safe place for incense and candles.  There needs to be a comfortable spot for you to sit, preferably with your spine straight and strong, head up.  Chair or floor your choice.  I insist that as we begin you DO NOT lie down.  Beginning meditators are prone to falling asleep and this defeats the purpose.  
Most importantly about the place – clean it up!!  Nothing makes this process harder than chaos and clutter!  This goes for the whole house and office, but more about that later.
Second, gather supplies.  Ideally we will be setting up an altar in the place you meditate.  Altar creation is another lesson, and also another whole meditation series.  For now, just a sacred spot for our stuff.  You need one candle, color choice depends on the meditations purpose – the use of color to generate frequency also another lesson.  For now white or yellow will do.  Since we are in meditation practice, try a jar candle also called a seven day candle.
Also have incense – whatever you like that relaxes you will do for now.
Now you need to clean yourself.  Shower, rub yourself with salt if you are stressed or sick, towel off and put on natural fibers if you must get dresses.  Skyclad (naked) is the best for all ritual work but is often not practical, so use cotton, silk or wool.  Cotton means t-shirt and jeans so we should be good.  
Are we ready?
Clear your space and put the candle and incense holder there.  Light the candle saying “Blessed Be this creature of fire that I light to guide my spirit to peace and another world” then light the incense saying “May this creature of air bring my thoughts and desires to all who are listening.”
Now get comfortable.  Traditional cross legged, strong back, palms up is good and does work.  We are working with eyes closed, but some people like to do this in the dark while staring at the candle flame…that takes a little practice though.  We are deep breathing.  In to a count of 8 or so, hold a sec, and out to a count of 8 or so.  It will take practice to work up to longer times.  It is okay if you occasionally need a deep breath, go ahead.  This is a skill.  Skills take practice to develop.  
Now we clear our minds.  I have heard so many people say think of nothing.  This is absolutely impossible!  I have never accomplished it.  So I have developed specific things to think about.  What is truly important in meditation is not to think of nothing, but instead to concentrate on one thing.  So I do meditation and visualization training together.  
Once we are comfortable, relaxed, breathing slowly, think of one place from your childhood.  A place of good memories.  Mine is the front door of my grandmother’s house.  Let it develop.  Let it come into focus.  It may take several sessions to be able to bring yourself into that place.  See all the details.  The scratch on the mailbox, the peeling paint, the crack in the stoop.  Can you look to the right and see the elm tree?  Can we look left and see the honeysuckle bush??  Can we interact with the scene and open the door?  Can you see all the details of the inside?  Can you smell the cinnamon from the rolls baking in the kitchen?
Okay – so that’s my life – pick a place from your life.  This is not something that comes naturally for all people.  This may take a while to get right.  Once you have that place…try other places.  See how many places you can visit in a crisp and clear picture.  It should play like a movie in your head.
Each session should last as long as you can take it without loss of concentration.  In the beginning some can only hold it ten minutes – again practice.  We want to shoot for an hour or two when we’re good at it.  A personal calm your world meditation is good at 20-30 minutes, but when we are ritualing to promote the craft we may need the hour or two.  
Once we get that down we want to master a few variations.
Variation 1 – Change details within your place.  If you are at your grandmothers can you paint the door or plant flowers?
Variation 2 – In this state you can send out energy to others.  For example your sister is sick in another state.  You go in, get a good solid visual of your sister in a healthy condition, then just concentrate on send her love and healing.
Variation 3 – Improving your visualization.  Once we get meditation and visualization down pretty well, we need to learn to create our own reality using this technique.  This is the exercise I use to teach, you can vary it as you see fit.
Visualize you favorite fruit.   Visualize it whole and fresh, ie an apple.  See the apple is vivid color.  I love granny smiths so mine is a bright lime green, shiny and smells crisp…but this is not an apple from earth…it from another planet.  What would their apples look like?  My apple slowly changes.  It sprouts spicks and changes to a bright violet.  It elongates until it loses its balance and falls to the side.  How long can you see your new fruit?  Hold that image as long as possible.  Rotate it to see all sides.  The ability to hold a desired image in your mind for an extended period of time is vital to the practice of the craft.

Future Advanced Meditation Lessons –
Creating the Inner Altar
Finding the Depth of Your Soul

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