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I've always been quite sensitive to all sorts of spirits, and am definitely an empath, but I'm a bit concerned as I am pregnant with my first child, and I have a strong feeling that something is lurking.

For the past few nights when I've been walking my dog, I've seen a man standing near our house. He startles, but doesn't scare me. When I look again, he's gone.

Last night, I had a nightmare about a little girl falling into a pool and getting taken by crocodiles. The people I was with wouldn't let me rescue her and she died, she floated to me and wanted me to blow her a kiss, but all I could do was blow her away to the wind.

I woke, terrified, and knowing that I was not alone in the room. There was something else there and it was malevolent and very interested in my belly.

I did get into full Mama Bear mode and managed to wrap the house in white light and push it out, but I'm a bit concerned that if this escalates as baby grows, my limited abilities will not be enough.

I have always smudged (with sage) every house I've ever lived in, and this one was no exception. Can you suggest something I can do, or something I can keep close by that will help to keep me and my little family safe and strong?

Thanks for your time!

You DO NOT have limited ability... if you needed to vanquish the most evil of things, once you have light in you, and you believe in that light, it will work. I suggest using holy water along with your sage smudging - and smudge OFTEN! Get a black obsidian bracelet/anklet and keep a tigers eye in your bag. I know that feeling you're speaking about. I've been there. Have NO fear of it. You are safe and loved by angels. Call on Archangel Michael and ask him to protect you at ALL times. You have the power to do it, I believe in you. And above all, DO NOT allow it to scare you with dreams and feelings. You'll only be giving it what it wants. SO when you feel like that again, take a deep breath, focus, pull in your light, call on Archangel Michael and his army of angels to protect you, then fill your house with light. Light some sage too as it will help relax your mind. You're well protected, I can intuit that much so far. May the angels guide your way and bless you and your sweet baby girl :)  

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