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i asked a similar question to another expert almost a week ago to no reply, so i'm going to try again but a little differently. all i now want to know is what are shadow people? my strongest memory of the people i used to see - or specifically, lady - was lying in my bed as a little girl facing the wall, and since the night light was on a could see the shadow of a slim lady with short hair stroking my head and shoulders, but when i put my hand there and turned and didn't see anyone, when i turned back she was still there. although i couldn't see her i got the impression she was smiling...i read somewhere that shadows that moved on there own were a bad thing basically, and i never had Shadow Lady properly explained to me so i'd like to know your opinion on who/what she was and what she wanted with me?

Shadow people are just one way that spirits are seen.  They are not the same thing as a shadow of a real thing or person moving.  If the shadow of a real person or animal moves on its own that is often considered a sign of possession.  But if you have a shadow entity that is not the actual shadow of a real person then its most likely a ghost.  Ghosts are most generally harmless.  If you don't want it hanging about, telling it that it bothers you and you'd really rather be left alone works in most cases.

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