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Hi Alfred. In case you've forgotten, I actually asked for your help recently before with my Wiccan friend, Bec. Well, I have some new questions to ask, that for some reason, I just can't seem to understand on my own.

You see, I'm not a Wiccan like her, but for the past few years, I've had this strange ability of some sorts, where at random moments while in slumber, I'd have these strange dreams, or visions like my friend. They were different from her's though, because
1. No spirits appeared to me.
2. I always see visions of things that would happen only to those closest to me.

The past 4 or 5 years, I've used these visions to help others, even saving 2 or 3 lives because of them. I also used to have a strange "friend sense" as I call it, where there are moments when I could actually feel what my friends feel, like if theyre hurt or sad or happy, I used to be able to feel those emotions.

Now here's the weird thing... Ever since last year, when I met Wiccan friend, and ever since she's told me about her "Spiritual Visits", I've noticed that my "Vision Abilities" and my "Friend Senses" have stopped occuring. And then, a few days ago, her boyfriend stated that he had a weird "Vision-like" dream, but he also, like me, isnt a Wiccan.
So, what I'm starting to wonder\theorize, is this... Is it possible that Bec might've possibly accidently absorbed my "abgilities" without knowing and kept it this whole year, and then now, accidently transferred it to her boyfriend?

I know this is a long and strange story, but I cant help but get the feeling that somethings going on, as if maybe, my "ability disappearances" and her "Spiritual Visions" have some sort of connection. I've read how you've helped others with other strange stuff, so Im hoping you might be able to help me. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a nice day.


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Dear Perdox,

I am happy to continue exploring this issue with you. In Wicca there is a concept that relates to how these abilities, (and most others) "operate". It is a concept of 4 "rays". These rays are To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Be Silent .

To Know means to be able to do something, like have the second sight, (this is what your visions seem to be) .

To Dare means to actually use it( for good like you)

To Will means to place your intent to utilize it and focus the ability which allows it to grow and be more useful as time goes on.

This is the crux of the answer for you  . It seems to me, as you and her boyfriend are not Wiccan that the subconscious mind is what has been helping with the growth of the visions. Our subconscious mind is usually not within our control and most of these kind of abilities come through to the untrained from there. Once your subconscious mind realized that there is a "spiritual" reason for the gift and that there was a person who was consciously developing these skills as part of her Wiccan gifts the reason for the subconscious mind to give you the visions, except when absolutely neccesary became less and hence to your conscious and logical mind the gifts went away.

It works the same in reverse for her boyfriend. HIS subconscious and conscious mind began to work because to HIS unconscious mind there was validation of the gits.

To Be Silent   means to not go about telling people about the gifts in an egotistical manner. It does not mean you never tell others,  it just means not to get haughty and "Lord it over" other individuals.

On another side for YOU with reference to the part of the question - . I always see visions of things that would happen only to those closest to me. Everything in these gifts is related to "spiritual energy" and as other groups that are more "in tune" with the natural world, (Wiccan's included), there is the desire and deliberate focus (Intent again), to feel the vibrations of this spiritual energy and to help maintain the balance and harmony of this balance within themselves and the world around them. You are very in tune with those closest to you so that is why your visions are related to them.

Bright Blessing,

Alfred Willowhawk

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