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Hello Alfred-

I'm writing because something happened today that I'm not sure how to handle.   Late this morning I was out in my yard and went around the house to find a dead crow on my side door step.   My first thought was "oh crap I need to get rid of it before the dogs get it." So I grabbed a plastic bag to put it in - but as I reached for it - I had an overwhelming feeling that it was important, and not to throw it away as just some dead animal.  The bird itself was very odd because it did not appear to have had any distress.  The other very odd thing is that neither of my dogs disturbed it in any way. They would have normally eaten it, rolled in it, or played keep away. But even as I stood there looking at it - they kept a very wide berth. They had been running around the yard for well over two hours, yet, it was completely un disturbed.  It laid there wings closed, talons curled in and face down - as if someone put it to sleep and laid it down very delicately. There were two other crows in the tree above that seemed to be calling out to it (bringing to mind the Morrigan). They carried in quite loudly until I boxed it up and took it in the garage.  Then they left.   Now I have a dead crow in a box in my garage that I feel connected to somehow and I don't know what to do with it. I feel like it needs a burial ritual or something. I've always had an affinity for natural spirituality but I always felt my spirit animals were the Owl and the Bear - not the Crow. I've studied many paths over the last 25 years, but concentrated Lakota, Celtic, and Norse pagan beliefs as that is my heritage. Everything I've read relates them to death, transformation and communication between the living and the dead.   Turning 40 this year - I know I'm in a threshold to the 3rd phase of my life - so in someways it does make sense to me. But I feel like there's something specific I'm supposed to do - and am at a loss for information about finding a dead crow on your doorstep and what to do with it.  If my nana were still here I'm sure she would know. Any advice you can give would be great.

Many blessings,

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Hello Holly,

Yes I agree that this particular crow is more than just a crow. I am glad that you are aware of the Morrigan and her relationship to crows. In this particular situation I sense that you are correct in taking the message of transformation and communication from spirit guides and applying it to your unique situation.

As it is close to Samhain there is a specific type of honoring that you can do with it. take it to the Western quarter of a sacred circle or an area in your own yard that is in the west. Place it in the ground in the box is ok. Place some henbane or any form of nightshade in the ground with it after honoring brother crow in each of the directions with the herbs. Then place them on top of the box and either set fire to the box or just bury it. I would take 1 tail feather from the body and place it on your personal altar as a reminder of the message.

The best time to do this is during the waning of the moon however if you can not wait that long it can be done anytime preferably at dusk.

If you have further questions feel free to contact me.

Bright Blessing,

Alfred Willowhawk

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