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When my stepfather was young he got into demonology and unleashed something that scared him so badly he never touched it again. Problem is he didn't put back what he let out and has been tormented in his dreams ever since. He wakes up in the night yelling for some presence to leave him alone. I too was having horrible dreams and after talking with my stepfather descovered we were having the same kind of dream. I researched sleeping charms for protection and didn't have the dreams except once when I found my charm missing. He has continued to be tormented and a couple days ago woke up with a bite mark on his foot. I'm afraid for him. Is there any way we can stop this before it gets worse? Any advice is very much appreciated.

You need to get an exorcist. NOW.

I had one of these before.. that's the only way out. Get a few witches together if you can and get them to seal it off but that will not relinquish it, only hold it in for a while. Get into contact with an exorcist as soon as you can. Holy water your house... mop with red lavender...sage smudge and place sea salt on all the windows and doors.

Contact me if it persists.  

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