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I'm a believer of Wicca and the wisdom it signifies. Though I am unable to observe every sabat and or esbat, I do make it a point to mark the occasion with simple meditation or rituals as is possible by a solitary practitioner.
This Samhain I wanted to mark the auspicious new year event with something more, I'm also 5 months pregnant and wanted to call upon good wishes for my unborn and general good health for us. Are there any particular rituals or observance that I can do?

I do not celebrate Samhain the way Wiccans do. I celebrate it as a feast to which all of my ancestors are invited. Big meal with all their favorite foods, pictures, storytelling, etc. My "New Year" is the lunar New Year in January/February, around the time Wiccans celebrate Imbolc. At that festival we create a cross out of wheat stalks (like a Brigid's cross) and take turns holding it while we discuss our hopes and plans for the coming year. We burn the one from last year, symbolizing letting go of the past and looking toward the future. Some people who come to this rite also throw things like old statements for debts they've paid off or reminders of ended relationships (like cards and such) into the fire. I think that this is a rite you could certainly do at Samhain.

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I am able to answer most questions about Pagan religions and magic. I am particularly experienced in the areas of Hearth Magic and Kitchen Witchery, including magical cooking and gardening, herbal lore and Hellenic mythology. I specialize in matters relating to Pagan children and family. I am also well-versed in Western European spirituality including Wicca and Druidry, though I belong to neither. My particular religious interest is in Hellenic polytheism. I am unable to answer specific theological, historical or liturgical questions related to African Synchretic Spirituality (Santeria, Voodun, Umbanda, etc.) or Heathenry (Asatru, Odinism, etc.)


I have been a Pagan for over 20 years and a NeoHellenic Polytheist for 15. I have over 5 years experience planning and executing public Pagan events, particularly public rituals and family events. I have three children I am raising to honor Nature and the Hellenic Gods and to respect all faiths.

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