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for the last few years, I've had a spirit fallow me every house I've lived in. It doesn't do anything harmful and only reveals itself though footsteps and pranks such as misplacing things, turning showers on, lights etc. many nights I would not feel alone but never uncomfortable, more safe than anything. My grandmother told me it was my Guardian letting me know it's there. But about a month ago I started to feel unsettled, more nervous if I heard the footsteps or anything. Just a weird feeling and all of a sudden a black kitten showed up. I took her in and she and I instantly connected spiritually. She can know if I'm looking for her without me saying a word or noise. She would hear the noises I heard and hiss and run to my chest and the noise and bad feelings would stop. Could my cat possibly be here to protect me? As in my good spirit?

Cats are often familiars.  They connect spiritually with people and other worldly creatures very easily.  
It is often not unusual for spirits to connect with people.  Most people don't know they are even there.  Some people are more sensitive to these things than others.  
I do find it odd that you had a friendly spirit and now you feel more negative energy from it.  That is weird.  Unless the second one ran off the first one...
Many cats do have the ability to keep evil spirits away.  It is one of the reasons the Egyptians kept so many of them around the temples.  The cat may indeed be there because you have spirits about.
Now, many spirits that follow people around are just lost.  They may need help crossing over so they can reincarnate.  This is best accomplished during the Feast of the Dead - Which is All Hallow's, All Saint's and All Soul's, which is coming up.  
On these three nights:  Place white pillar candles and a small bowl of milk in all the main windows of your home.  Keep the candles lit from sundown on All Hallow's until sun up the morning after All Soul's.  This will keep any new spirits from arriving in your home and hopefully help the ones you have find a way out.  During this time I suggest ritual or meditative prayer for the spirits to find their way through the veil.

I think it's awesome your cat is black.  They don't have to be - all cats work the same way.  Legends just target black cats because of their elusive nature in the dark.  
If you listen, your cat will tell you its real name.  Cats souls are ancient and they carry their name from one incarnation to the next.  

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