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For the purpose of this question I'll use the following example, and explain my understanding:

A spell to increase personal power and energy states -
On a Sunday when the Moon is in Leo, sun at the hour the sun is preferred.

Well According to: Find Your the moon calendar says that the moon will not be in Leo on a Sunday until like August 2014

and as far as the sun being in a preferred hour using the following information:
Table of planetary daylight hours, and looking in the sun column-choosing Venus for growth, so it would be daylight hour 9 after sunrise

Is this method correct for choosing the appropriate day?
I think that I'm messing up with the moon aspect of it, because would one really have to wait over a year to complete this specific spell because of the moon?
What am I missing here. Please thoroughly explain, and provide web addresses for tables or other information that you use in your answer.

Also do Almanacs break the dates and correspondences down, so that this process is easier?


Okay when doing spell it is not necessary to follow the planetary hours if your intent is in its proper place.  However it will boost the power if your aware of the correct hours.

I think you have the right thought on it but there is a much easier way to calculate the hours than how you went about it tough.

The link above is how I do it and it def very simple and self explanatory. Scroll down to planetary hour table daytime.

As far as the moon in Leo, it's no use waiting on it to fall into Leo!  Do spells when you need them to be done cause by the time you wait for some sign to come around it will prob be to late. The real witches of old never waited for moon signs. They did the work when it was needed. Astrology in magic is a more recent thing that was set in place by the new age movement. It has been around for a long time and ceremonial magicians have always used it but I'm speaking on behalf of witches who lived on the fringes of society and that had people seeking them out. Now it does have its place and can be very effective but not necassary. The chart above will suffice enough. Do it on a Monday (the day of the moon) in the hour of the Sind durring a time when the sun is out. Leo is a sun symbol so you will def get the energy then anyway!

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