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QUESTION: What sort of things do you need to focus on intent wise for a love spell that does not entrance someone to have a fake love for you but rather make you have the best possible situations for their feelings for you to grow that they already have if any sliver is there, or to solve obstacles stopping them from wanting to give a chance such as inner fears and physical distance or fixing problems / qualities in myself that prevented them when i am not sure what it is and something that helps bring them back to their true selves, knowing themselves so they can know what they need? Or have them reveal their hidden feelings if they have any instead of hiding it from themselves and me if they are? or something to have them notice my qualities they do like more than the ones they dont or to have me help develope qualities they would like? or something else? What would I do for that? Thats sort of a lot to think of at once so i do not know what really works best or if all of them. In other words its not supposed to be 100% guarantee  since its not forcing a person to like me but just putting our lives in line so it can happen naturally and if a really good match is there it would work but it wont if its not meant to be. Wouldnt that concept work? Or is it better to do something that will reveal if it is indeed a proper match for real deep meaningful love along with helping them find themselves again so you can see who they are better for sure. Sorry I hope this is clear even though it sounds jumbled and confused because I am confused. I know thi s is fairly entailed but you havent had questions for a few months it seems so maybe you wouldnt mind. I have a very strong ethical/moral code so I wouldnt want to do anything if it doesnt seem like it would bring actual love or chances for it to hppen. I have a deep sense for a need of true love rather than something fake or shallow yet have a specific person on  mind. im unable to just want to do something in general to get any good match out there because a person who is a good match for me as i am may not be who i really want even because im aware there are situational problems that caused issues with whom i like but it was not even a proper breakup since we were never able to be together originally and there were no reasons for the change of heart said. This is a person who already in the past said they loved me and they show mixed signs in me all the time but keep me hanging in an unbalanced relationship because of our situations both of us are in so i am "just a friend" when she always says things that make me fel like it could be more but shes avoidant of it. Is anything i am saying making sense? Does this sound reasonable or is it not a good idea? Or is it better to just go for love in general and risk throwing away all that good potential with them just because things are a little difficult at the time? Basiclly worry a love spell to attract any random person that matches would bring easy love rather than true love not really someone i can love passionately.  That a reasonable worry? i really dont know what to do :/ What would a spell like that even be like? Its hard to imagine. Or is this not even really a love spell but more of a negativity removal / specific person tailored self improvement / obstacle breaker / good luck spell since there is no allusions or illusions put on them everything being real desire?


Okay. You have the right frame if mind for this type of work. I would not suggest in forcing someone to love you nor do I think that true love can be manifested. But what you can do is somthing more on the lines of psychic perfume so that a particular person will notice you more. There are several ways to go about this. Fist of us u live the poisons at so I would recommend getting the love posion and wearing it when you are around this person

Another is to anoint a purple candle with olive oil or love posion. Light it when you know the other person is asleep and speak into the flame the dream you will the other person to have which would be on the lines of notice if the greatness inside of you. This one I have done asking the dead to put dreams in the others head and it def did work.

I think this was somthing on the lines of what you were looking for. If not let me know and if so I'll go into more detail on them. Just message me back.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry im replying a few days later and I hope i wasnt rambling too much. My thoughts are very scattered sometimes.  Anyways..

This particular person, she actually lives farther away from me so the physical closeness is not really there so I presume the psychic perfume you describe would not apply here? What would replace that if my main way of talking to her is through the internet? I've met her in person before but I do not know when the next time I will be able to see her again will be so maybe its a good idea for me to have something that would help situations in both of our lives to help our paths cross for us to meet again? And perhaps something to help improve my ability and ease of changing myself for my own betterment? Im not sure how to word that like improve my own looks, and improve my social skills, and get rid of the negative energies and anxiety that's in me.  Something to help that along? Does that sound like it makes sense? Because obviously id be quite stupid if she like me again but not have myself ready to actually be with her and go to her myself and everything would just fail again if I am not ready because id have to be there and be of value. .__.

The candle anointment might be a good idea if I can actually find a candle around my house hah, since she has pretty vivid dreams sometimes so she very likely would remember it well. I get what you mean by speaking into the flame but how close do you have to be? and what would I actually say? Do i have to give a great deal of detail on a dream step by step or just the general concept? You said you have asked the dead to put dreams in someones head but is that an important part or just a varient? I am unsure if any spirits hang around my house to listen because I am not aware consciously of spiritual energies sadly and also again she is pretty far away so I do not know if that changes anything? Because once you started talking about the dead it started making me wonder how theyd get to her even or if its just the spirits around her home or what.

ANSWER: I think the dream spell would prob be the best in this matter. Yes I work mainly with the dead and by this I mean my family, friends, and people I admired in life and now they have passed on I honor and work with them in death. I form a relationship with them at my altar to the dead and I work my magic there too. If this is somthing u are interested in get witches book of the dead by Christian day.

But back to the spell

1 purple candle
Lavender buds
A white plate ( preferred to be glass or china)
Olive oil

Write the dream in detail on the paper and place it under the plate. Carve the name of the person into the candle and anoint the candle with olive oil. Make sure it's completely covered. Place the candle in the center of the plate. Make a ring of lavender buds around the candle. When the person in question is asleep light the candle and talk to the flame like you would a person. Whisper to the flame the dream in as much detail as possible. From beginning to end. Make sure you whisper in a way where your breath does not blow out the flame. Next close your eyes and visualize everything you have just said. Once you are done with  this snuff out the flame and know it will work. Once you have done this we will work on the distance thing.  Alow a few weeks for this to kick in. You will know. Keep in mind that if this is not meant to be we won't want to force it.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I feel dumb for this but what if I cant have access to some of those materials are there substitutes that work well or would i have to do something else entirely? Without me having to go into too much detail basically a mix of living with my family, me not really having money on hand right now and where i live having lack of places to get anything makes it difficult to get anything. What I do have is the white plate, pen, paper. I have to dig around to see if there is olive oil but i've only seen canola oil so far but i might run across it around somewhere. Dont think i have lavender buds or anywhere to even get them but its possible there may be some dried ones somewhere but its not that likely, ive found some lavender bath salt that has lavender oil in it but dont know if that works, might have lavender oil around but no clue where that might be. .___. Heck i cant even find a candle of any color yet because no one carries candles around my house since we have pets if i do ever find a candle it most likely will only be a small white tea candle or some small birthday candle but not sure if i have either even. Might be able to find a purple crayon and burn it like a candle i heard they burn like that with the paper on them but id worry about the fumes that might be giving off id assume. I did want to do that method but its tricky gathering supplies with my living conditions.  I feel really ridiculous that im having trouble on setting up something simple  ;_;

Also im not entirely sure what direction is best to steer the dream into. Just a conversatiion with her? or just her dream of me? or what it would be like me and her dated or someting? Is that just up to me or is there an approach that works best?

I also dont know what perspective the dream should be spoken and envisioned from? From my perspective? Her perspective? An objective outside perspective at a distance? Do i say "i" and "her" or just  our names or what im not sure how to describe it. Or does that not matter?

Well the items are not necessary but they do help. With you not being a practicing witch or warlock it would be focus points to send out your energies for the spell to work. But you can do this with just your mind so try this instead.  

At night I want you to sit in a comfortable position so that your feet are flat on the ground. Legs uncrossed and arms unfolded on the arms of the chair. Close your eyes and breath in though your nose and out through your mouth. Count slowly backwards from 100. This will put your brain into an alpha state which is ideal for meditation and visualization. Visualize the numbers as you count. When you reach 1 start visualizing the dream. Do this in detail like you are the one creating the dream from scratch. Do this knowing that she is also seeing what you are seeing. No need to speak but you can speak what you want in your head. Begin simple with somthing like " it is sunset. Mountains in the background but she is sitting in a field of lush green grass. She is looking for four leaf clovers. She is settled on the ground with her legs crossed running her fingers through the patch of clovers. Her hair is long and blowing in the wind. She is in a white dress, simple yet flattering. The willow tree that is behind her seems to be almost peering over her shoulder to watch her search. ". Very detailed like you are writting a book.  Then once you set the scene bring yourself into the picture and talk with her. Let everything flow. Try not to think of what to say. Allow your psychic self to step in and take full control. It will flow from you and you may even get questions answered like what she thinks of you. Know what you are receiving is psychic truth. But this is a different subject. Back to the spell. Allow conversation to flow and tell her what you want.

When you are ready count yourself back to reality from 1 to 100.  

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