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Am I a witch?  I have been called one on several occasions during my life. I have gifts but don't really know how to use them. I used to see "spirits" when I was younger but prayed them away. I feel things, like if u tell me something I will either get a feeling of dread or peace come over me. Lately I have had more specific things come to me. I know my grandmother could stop bleeding & her sister could draw fire "like out of a burn". I have always felt different from others. My family is Irish & American Indian (Cherokee) & Scottish & Irish. I was raised in a Christian family but not sure if I buy into all they are trying to sell me.  I know God but believe a lot that is anti-Christian. I'm so confused. I need guidance and don't know where to look. Please help.

Sorry for the late response.  I neglected my email over the holidays.

The word witch is an English word.  It is an adaptation of the word wic which is where the word wicca came from.  But these are all just words.  These close attachments to the spiritual come from before these words.  They are most often just called the Old Ways now.  Those of us that come from this blood use the term natural spiritualism.  It come from the earth, form the universe. From nature.  

I also was raised Christian, though it was to hide that we were gypsy from the neighbors.  My grandparents still feared the persecution from the old country.  I also know God and the Goddess is all their forms, including Christ.

I understand your confusion.  Read and learn.  I always suggest that you take the prayers, rituals, and beliefs that fit comfortably into your heart.  These talents of which you speak come from the Gods, regardless of what face you choose to see.  

Our way fit the world well for thousands of years before the government made religion.

Suggested books:
"Grandmother of time" Szuszanna Budapest
"Wicca for the solitary practitioner" Scott Cunningham
"Witchcrafting"  Phyllis Currott

And Gina,

Welcome Home!

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