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i was wondering if you could help me when i was 11 or 12 my first supernatural experience happened when i was wide awake in bed.a spirit from one of my yu-gi-oh cards came out it was obelisk the tormenter one of the eqyption god cards then the other to appeared beside him and he represented earth,slifer,and Ra represented heaven and the sky.but anyway obelisk held a glowing sphere of light and said something in a ancient language then he put it in me.and every since then I've been able to go back and forth to the ethereal world,dream walk,see visions of the future,and hear stuff no one should be able to hear.then last year after my 18th birthday when i was wide awake the spirit from a card of mine  showed itself his name was great silver wolf garmore and his card lore is hes the great silver wolf of the god and what happened was he walked right into me and are souls fused and since then my powers have grown and I've felt closer to the dark than ever since then as well as the fact as the day i was born on was ostara in 1994.and im also a mtf transgender i don't know if that helps figure this out but i am just trying to figure out what they did to me as well as why i feel so close to the morrigan.and in the card game i play the clan i use is a clan made after Irish mythology 3 of the cards names being nemain,macha,and badhabh caar

Hi Brianna,

It is true that experiences like the ones you describe in your question can be confusing or dis-concerting. However, those who have them usually can "take" them. First I would like to discuss the particular manifestation of these visions.

In each of us we have what could be perceived as 4 people. We have a Logical, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual "person" inside. In my course The Warrior Within Click here for more info , I discuss this in detail. It is a concept based on Jungian psychological concepts related to what is called archetypes. These "people" serve different functions for us. In the case of visions in order to remember the vision it goes through many filters and the logical persona which is tied to the conscious mind looks for things in the experience of the person to "tie" the experience so as to assist in understanding the situation.

So, as you are an avid player of the card games it would be logical that this is the way that you would experience these visions. In the same way when you say I've felt closer to the dark than ever   could you not exchange the word dark for another word like - spirit plane, Otherworld, etc. It is all in your perception and your intent. In Wicca we are very careful with the utilization of words that are part of the societal and entertainment industries usage of terms.

The god forms that you mention are all real, good guides for an individual who has the "gift" of walking and being sensitive to the ( using a celtic term) Otherworld. As you are in Missouri as am I am my group please check out our web presence at and see if we are close enough to mutually support each other as you grow, experience, and become more firm in your own spiritual path. Your being transgender, which is usually considered Twin Spirited is a GOOD thing as you already have a sense of the balance between masculine and feminine energy. It is one of the reasons that Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church of the Ozarks is a gender neutral group!

To answer now the primary question ! -  i am just trying to figure out what they did to me as well as why i feel so close to the morrigan. What you and "they" did together is establish a relationship for the purpose of your own spiritual path growth. As to the Morrighan, this is interesting as she is a triple goddess for the Welsh and Britonic individuals who follow Wicca. She is NOT only a battlefield goddess and in fact she is on the battlefield to cry over the dead of both sides and GUIDE them to the OTHERWORLD. The Morrighan is one that I and the group have an association!!

Please contact me at or if you wish to talk a bit more.

Please feel free to check out both the "church" and my personal site - if you desire.

I hope this helps you understand a bit more of what is going on for you and look forward to further communication!

Bright Blessing,

Alfred Willowhawk

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