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I need some help with something kind of personal...
It's a bit of a complicated story and it's more than a little odd but I really need help, even mythology will help a lot.
So this man I'd never met before died on the 1st of November last year (he was in a band and I knew who he was and what he looked like and everything but like I said I'd never met him, I've never even listened to his music, I swear I'm not some crazy fan or anything) in January I saw him in my room one night, he was just staring at me, then I saw him sitting on my couch watching tv with me and again while I was brushing my teeth. In mid January I found out he was an alcoholic and I started crying, I felt sadness, ashamed and an immense feeling of self- blame but I didn't feel connected to it, (it wasn't mine) if that makes sense. Ever since I found out he died, I wanted to bring him back. I know there is a way somewhere and somehow but no one will help me. I know it's him and not me losing it. I was just hoping if you knew of any way to bring him back to life, not as a zombie or anything like that, I mean in the sense that it seems like he never even died to begin with. I don't care what it is, I really don't have any leads so please help me?! I'm desperate.
And just to clarify, I have no reason to want to bring this man back, but I want to. And I'm sorry if what I'm asking goes against your beliefs.

I'm sorry, no - there is no way to bring him back to life.  It sounds to me like you have some natural talent as a medium and seem to be seeing his spirit.  If he had a life filled with challenges such as alcoholism, they he may indeed feel guilt and sadness as he looks back at his life.  The best thing he can do is move on to the astral plane where he can rest, learn, and prepare for reincarnation.  In a new life he will get another chance to change his karma and live better.  
If he continues to appear to you, then the best thing you can do is help him move on.  Try to communicate and express that he needs to clear his mind and cross over.  If he continues to appear and you need advice on how to do this, let me know.  

Find Peace and hope that he also does.

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