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well met my name is shaun skinner ive praticed paganism  for three years and feel that ive learned alot buthave an unending thirst for knowledge  of this art and only seek more but was stalled in it because of an exgirlfreind thats totaly biasted and beleived i was praticed black magiks but to my many atempts to show her that this religion was very beautiful and wonderful i couldnt convince her to have a differant veiw of the art so the result of this was she destroyed all of my materials books ect i was wondering about who i could contact about getting more i have little to no money and only ask for help please contact me with some information and please be aware that im not asking for handouts only help

         thankyou for your time

         shaun  skinner       


This is a great place to get a lot of free-bees, and its really good info:

and also you cant ever beat the old school way of taking a pad and pen down to the library.

I like your attitude of wanting to learn and dont loose it. I am really sorry to hear of your situation, she did go to the extreme with that!. I really hope that website helps and if you want my reading list for my witch students just give me a holla back.   but that site should keep you busy till you can get some green in your pocket to buy your own material again.

and here try this:

take a check filled out to you (or even better a real dollar to have a real sacrifice for your magcik)

write $$$$ (dollar, dollar, cent, cent, dollar, dollar) on the 4 corners of the bill
prick your finger and place a drop of your blood on the seal of the department of treasury (if using a check, drop on your name).  fold it in half. ask your beloved dead or a money god to grant you cash flow! burn the dollar and you you are a wealthy man and have no doubts of this!!!  

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