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QUESTION: I am now Just opening myself up to the world of Wicca. And I just need to ask a few questions. Who exactly...OR What exactly can I specifically NAME as my Deity? Can I have an Arch angel if I wanted? Who do you think I should honor as my "so called" God. I want to practice wicca to learn to do some Solo Light Work and I want to Strengthen My spirit. I'm one in need for nourishment and Love.

ANSWER: Merry meet!

To find a patron deity, you have to let him/her call out to you. It's a process that takes time. I, myself, haven't really connected with a deity like I have with an Archangel. You can absolutely have an Archangel also - choose the Archangel you wish to work with closely, and simply ask him or her to help you with your journey through life. Call on this Archangel whenever you like - no matter how trivial it may seem. They will be with you before you even finish calling them (because they have a psychic connection to us). In terms of who you can honour, you can honour whoever you desire. I call on the Triple Goddess in times of need and I was ordained in Her name, however I call on my Archangel throughout the day - He is who really gets me through it all. My best advice to you is to learn about them. I have a ton of information AND I also train young men and women to connect with their angels as well as how to use White Light. At the end of the programme, you can go on to becoming a White High Priestess. This is the website - - I will also be there to answer your very many questions.

I do hope that I have assisted you in some way, and hope to again in the future.

Blessed be, and may the angels be with you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: That was extremely helpful. Thank you. And your website and everything set up is AMAZING! Mind me saying. Anyways thank you.

I have one more question if you do not mind. I have a Problem. I have Schizo-affective Disorder. And I get very angry at times and say things. I feel this is a very Big problem for me and I Really feel Like at times, that I couldn't have a higher deity because of My bad nature. Although There I know I have a very strong and big heart underneath it all and great talents. It's this problem with my illness. On top of this I have spirits In My home that are Very Aggressive. Both frustrating and stressful for My living. How could I do find myself spiritually threw all this and my Deity?

Well... First of all get rid of those spirits. I'll have to teach you how to - it's not something you can just learn to get rid of overnight. Sleep with selenite under your pillow to help with the anger problem and call on Archangel Raphael to heal you. The most important thing is that you KNOW that no matter how bad you think you are, Angels aren't judgemental and are ready to help you when you call. I can train you in certain things which will help your life in my White Magick Class on the website's forum. I highly recommend you do this class in particular as it will help you ground and centre your life properly, not to mention, manifest things you have never before! Whenever you get angry, or sad, or have a feeling that is not full of love and happiness, hold onto that selenite stone and ask Archangel Raphael to take the bad feelings away and fill you with love - and he will!

Thank you for the kind compliments and hope to see you in my class.

Blessed be, and may the angels be with you.  

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