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I want to know when Is a good time to start using a Pentacle? And What are some of the ways that A pentacle can work? I heard it can protect you from Evil beings or Spirits. What else can it do? Are there any dangers? I am just beginning to learn about wicca. But I am very interested by tell you the truth. My name is Andrea. I will appreciate the response. Thank you.

You can use a pentacle at any time, anywhere.  Pentacles are used for protection and also banishment of negativity.  There are no dangers in using a pentacle only in your own actions.  They are mainly for protection though so you can wear one, paint one on something, draw one in the air, etc.

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I can answer questions on just about anything pertaining to Wicca and witchcraft and I can also answer a variety of questions on Paganism in general.


I have practiced Paganism for 11 years, mainly Wicca, but also some things from other Pagan belief systems tied in. I have, and currently am, studying other Pagan religions other than Wicca. I especially know what it is like to be a teen trying to practice Paganism and trying to explain it to family, been there, done that. Your questions don't just have to pertain to anything spiritual or religious, I have a wide knowledge of Pagan things like divination techniques, different practices, recipes, how to make your own tools, what to substitute other things for tools, how to make your own spells/rituals/sigils and more, and tons of other stuff.

I have no educational credentials that apply directly to answering questions about Paganism as there are not really any accredited universities of Paganism or anything. I am not, nor ever have been in a coven as I am a solitary practicioner, but on occasion I have practiced with others. But I am a licensed pharmacy technician and a student of psychology.

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