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QUESTION: I have a question for you and don't want to sound weird. We have had an animal that is dog like running in the place I live and is dark black with medium length black hair and yellow to red eyes. Bigger than a normal size dog breed but has a deep growl to a bark. It also has a long snout kind of wolf like. This dog has tried to attack plp especially children. It is not afraid of anyone or anything an mostly comes out at night and sometimes during the day. This dose not feel like anything natural and dose not act like anything natural. Have any ideas what it might be. Several plp have seen this such as animal control and sheriff and sever plp where I live. Thank You for the help if you can.

ANSWER: Sorry for my delayed response, I have been having internet problems.

I have two theories - and may I say I wish I was close by to see this creature then I would know better if I was right.
First, all legends of supernatural creatures have a basis in history and fact.  The werewolf - in truth now - is a canine that is possessed by a witch so that he or she can run as that creature and sometimes attack a person or thing while in that form.  Technically any type of animal that the witch can get her spirit into will work as a werewolf, it doesn't need to be a dog or wolf.  The dog does work best though because they are ready and willing to serve us.  It is believed that there are situations in which the witch can get stuck that way - say if someone killed her body while she was in the wolf.  In this case you have a wolf with human intelligence that is really pissed off...
The other possibility, and this is less likely, is that there is an advanced intelligence wolf based animal.  Some believe that the wolf is intelligent enough to evolve into more than it is.  These animals would be better at surviving close to people but staying off the radar.  Maybe this one has had his habitat disrupted.

I really wish I had the honor of seeing it...sounds fascinating.

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QUESTION: Is this dangerous? How do I protect myself from this? I am very open minded and have studied just little bit but not something like this never heard of it. Our law enforcement has seen it and so has our dog warden. I have been burning dragons blood incense in my house. I have three girls that are special. This would not be something particular that I need to be careful of just wondered?

ANSWER: In general I would say yes, the creature is dangerous.  Keep the dog and the kids indoors and the house secure.  The dragons blood helps, so does burning sage and putting bamboo in the door ways, also ringing the property with salt.  
But honestly this creature is practically impossible to predict what it will do.  As much as this hurts me to say this, especially if its a witch in trouble...if it hurts may need to hunt it down and kill it.  

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QUESTION: This seems to be more drawn to people with special abilities and even children. I have talked with my friend and they think it might be a hellhound but also your theory brought into consider. We have done salt and dose not like the salt but seems to get close to it. I rly preset the help that you have given us. I will keep in touch as we have new developments.

Maybe, but if it is then someone probably called it to your area.  Usually they need to be conjured.  If it's running around uncontrolled then someone who doesn't really know how to use their powers called it.  That's a mess.  That will take a circle to get rid of you know of any witches in your area?

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