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I feel lost and like I need something steady however I have so far been unable 2 find the right thing. I recently found out about the wiccan belief while reading 1 of my many books. I connected strongly with the belief and have been trying 2 find out more and where I could find a wiccan 2 help me with their ways and belief  but have been unsuccessful. I'm 16 which has not helped me find info and my parents will not allow me 2 "wast" my money on books about "stupid" beliefs. I found a link 2 this site and was wondering if u could help me find out more about the Wiccan ways and beliefs, at the moment I know very little and am more or less clueless about these beliefs however they seem 2 call 2 me, make me feel like something out there is open, steady and real. Hope u can take the time 2 read through this and help me connect with the Wiccan ways or find out more about them. Hope I'm not just wasting yr time, I swear I'd b mega grateful for yr help and input. Thank u for yr time (if u read this that is) and I look forward 2 getting a reply (if I do) yr`s sincerely Amy.w

There's a website that has a vast amount of knowledge and free teaching workshops FREE.   It'll help you learn the basics, discuss more advanced topics when you're ready for them and offers rituals, spells and understanding of the Cosmology of Wicca.  
About dot Com runs it.

The Basics start here:

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Rev. Amy Blackthorn


I teach Wicca 101, 202 and more specific advanced subjects. I can answer questions on several Traditions. I have experience in subjects including, Astrology, Wicca, Folk Magic, and indigenous Religions, including Voudou, Greek and Celtic Reconstruction, Native Herbal uses, Hoodoo and Green Witch Craft. I am a Usui Reiki Master, as well as a trained in several other forms of healing.


I have 17+ years experience in the above topics, including the Initiatory traditions of Gardnerian Wicca and Green Witchcraft.

Maryland Delaware Wiccan Pagan Alliance, Alternative Religions Education Network, Lady Liberty League, Pagan Clergy Association

My first publication was in "The Seeker Journal" at the age of 16. This was an 18 page in depth look at the similarities between Wiccan holy days and Christian ones.

Numerous degrees including one in Horticulture and initiation into different Religious orders, including Susun Weed's and other Pagan Authors, Scholars and Elders.

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