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QUESTION: Hello. I am the friend spoken about in the last question about the astral werewolves. I appreciate the help/advice you have given my friend and I. As she has said we are fairly new to this. I am not entirely sure what this wolf wants or what it is doing here. It does make me feel very uncomfortable to stay in open areas for long periods of time especially when alone. As was started, I had a vision of said wolf coming at me through the window it burst through in my living room. What I find odd is that I placed protection spells around myself and my house yet that vision came to me. The other night, I saw this wolf as crazy as this is about to sound but... He was standing on two legs, in front of my back door that was wide open in plain sight just watching me. Only thing is... My mother and cousin were in the kitchen on the table RIGHT by that open door and they saw nothing. He stood there for a while then disappeared only to reappear again on all fours. Then when my cousin left and mother went to bed, he was behind me at the window in the living room where I was sitting. The window was open and he sniffed me and sneezed? I'm not sure, but it scared the living daylights out of me. After that, I ran to my room where I also put a protection spell. Also, I found my daughter from a past life and since then it's when wolves started appearing to me. Could it be that finding her caused a reaction? All this probably sounds insane. I feel utterly insane explaining all of this.

ANSWER: Ok, first of all your friend said this was an astral problem.  You seem to be very clear about it being something that happens right there at your house.  These are two very different issues.  If it is obvious to you and not others this is definately a spirit or a vision, NOT a werewolf.  And if they are happening right there at your house they are NOT astral spirits either.  Your friend had said it was hostile and lunged at you, but what you describe doesn't sounds like that at all.  The experience you describe seems to suggests the spirit wants contact with you.  
Canines that smell you and sneeze are not happy with what they smelled.  Perhaps a perfume or something you use is helping keep the creature at bay.  But if you want to solve this you may need to open yourself to communication with it.  This is best done in meditation.  You may want to tell it very clearly when you see it that close next time that you will try to contact it through meditation.  Give it a time and every evening in your room from 7 to 8 p.m. for three days.  Then prepare yourself formally for ritual, clean you, clean space, altar set...then meditate in front of the altar.  I am going to send you a meditation exercise for setting up a meditation altar in your spiritual space - in your head so to speak - set this up well in advance to when you will try to contact the spirit.  You should have it made and get comfortable there, so that you are not spending eny energy keeping that together when you are trying to talk to the wolf creature.  
You can set a protection ring around that altar if you are scared, but you probably won't need to.  You can also call spirits to help and protect you while its there.

Your explanation is different from your friends.  This is more clear.  I think this method would help best if that thing is knocking on the back door...

The Inner Altar

We should all have an altar of some kind in our living space on this physical plane.  But we should all have an altar in the metaphysical plane also.  
STEP 1: Do a ritual meditation.  In your mind see the most beautiful and perfect place.  This is different for everyone.  Some like the beach, some the mountains, some a forest, a desert, mine is a meadow...
Establish this place well in your mind.  See the colors, smell the air, hear the birds and the wind.  BE in this place. Just this part may take more than one meditation ritual.
STEP 2: Once your personal plane is well established we will build an altar there.  Once again, it is what you like.  I gathered rocks and built an altar.  There may be a tree stump, or a flat rock, a ledge on a cliff face, a stone table...YOU build it or find it and clean it up.
STEP 3: Turn this spot into a spiritual altar.  Gather symbols of earth, air, fire, and water that are in your space - or bring them with you when you come there.  Candles, bowls, bells.  Gather herbs to burn.  Do all the things we usually do to collect our altar supplies.
You may find it helpful to build a hut or cabinet to store things in.
STEP 4: Begin to ritual in here.  Remember - this is a metaphysical plane.  You can have tea with a Goddess, talk to the animals, dance with fairies, ask a dragon for a scale...
One ritual I love is to call on the Lady Epona.  She can come and carry you on journeys to find what you need to find.  
This is a good place to build a stone year wheel.  It is a good place to grow a garden full of herbs you can't find in your area.
Maintain this place.  Go here on a regular basis.  The possibilities are endless.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I apologize. She might have misinterpreted it for being an astral wolf.
Also, it's not just at home. These wolves follow me when I go places. Last Thursday night, on my way out of town I saw/felt 2-3 wolves following me, running in the woods along side the vehicle I was in. Then, Saturday night a family gathering I felt them close but not close enough to be seen since there was no woods to hide them I guess? Well, I left the family gathering with my cousin to go to her house which was in a ranch about ten miles out of town give or take a mile or so. Anyway, I saw them again, but these weren't the same wolves as Thursday night. These were different and there were 1 or 2. When I got off the car, I felt very unsafe and I wanted to get out of the open. I didn't only feel unsafe for me but for my cousin who is oblivious to anything supernatural. I felt those said wolves very close as if they were on the prowl for me? On our way back out of her ranch, they stopped following me once we hit the border patrol station within limits of the town since there was no more woods to hide them either. They never come during the day it's always at night and now it's only that black wolf.

I really believe you have a communication issue here.  Obviously they have had numerous oppportunities to harm you if that was their goal.  
How much like, or not like, wolves are they in appearance.  The wolf, as a spirit, usually is a messenger or a guide.  Perhaps your fear stems from your admitted inexperience with the mystic elements of the world.
You seem highly sensitive for someone untrained.  Maybe the wolves want to bring you home to your spiritual purpose.
I think you should try the contact exercise...

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