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QUESTION: My friend has been seeing a black wolf . Astrally , however she says she is getting a gut feeling about it being a werewolf . Her friend in a different city saw this being as well and contacted her about her vision as well .

My friend was wanting to know how to contact the being and if she should be worried. She said sometimes they come in a pack other times it is just a black one watching her , it lunged at her once.

Any help would be appreciated thank you :)

ANSWER: The term astral werewolf would mean that it is on the astral plane...meaning you could only see and contact it during an astral travel - out of your body in spirit form.  It this correct?

Whether physical or astral, do not contact his creature if it has shown any signs of hostility - such as lunging at you.  If it is a true werewolf - a wolf like creature that is either a conjure or a possession - then it has a purpose to perform, usually a dark purpose and you are best to stay out of it.  
However; if you are the target of some kind of ritual using the wolves/wolf spirit, then you need to be protecting yourself.  Do a strong protection keeping negativity/evil away from your house.  If you try to contact them to see what they want - always use the astral - not the physical - plane to do it in.  It's safer.  True wolf spirits guide and protect.  Maybe finding yours in astral meditation can help you.  
If they are after something close to you the protection effort can't hurt.
It will take experienced witches to deal with this creature.  This is not the only questions I have had about these creatures lately.  I don't have anything in my personal papers about dealing with a pack that's after you.  I don't think my clan has ever had this problem.  We just protect ourselves and stay out of the way. From what I do know, you might need a full circle to challenge them.

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QUESTION: The friend is my best friend and yes this is all astrally .. She isn't that good astral wise , I am , I also know more on how to control my abilities that I do have , she was just telling me how they freaked her out . I was trying to figure out a way to help her .

Her roomate is now seeing the same black wolf as well . So she got really worried , hence why I asked for your advise . I was going to go to her astral plane and help , but if that is not best , I understand . I just know more about protection things then she does .

You said they are usually after something their purpose is usually dark , is there any way she can get them to leave her alone ? After she protects herself , oh how would she know what they want ?

ANSWER: I am not sure if this distinction matters, but the concept of werewolf is that a witch possesses a dog or wolf and influences its behavior.  Since we are working on the astral plane I think we must be clear that this is a spirit creature of some sort.  If the spirit has been conjured or influenced then we should be able to banish it. If it is an astral spirit without outside influence, I am not sure how it will react.  In that case protection should be considered before banishment.  I am not even sure you can banish a naturally occuring spirit from the astral plane.  

Ok, if we are talking an astral spirit here, then I would want to know why its following her around.  But, it seems hostile if its lunging at people...
Usually these creatures are not natural, they are conjured or possessed as I said...
If you have the ability I'd suggest you all go together and try to see if its able to communicate.  If it is maybe we can get a purpose...if it is just a conjured animal you can try to track it back to its source or you can try to do some baniching work on the astral plane, which requires enormous energy to do correclty.
You may really need a circle here to support you while you are out there.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your help , really . We were going to try as you suggested but , we are fairly new to all of this , we don't have a group we belong to , she is in Texas where I used to be . I am in TN now . Is there a way we can call our friends and make a circle over the phone or something ? I am not sure how else to form one ..

I do not find distance circles to be very effective...that may just be me...
And I am very far away.  I do follow Zsuzsanna Budapest on Facebook and have found that to be a good group.  If you wanted to touch base with witches in your area, you might ask there.  HOWEVER; I would not put this story on there and ask for help.  You would start a huge debate over what is going on, which is fine, but hard to control.  It's better to just say you want to get together with women in your area, then talk to them when you meet them.  In this way you end up with a group you can work with regularly, which is good for everybody.  

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