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My son is living with a very controlling girl.  She checks all his text messages and must approve all his friends.  She has been casting binding spells, or what she calls love spells, on him for the last three years.  She was able to draw the needed negative energy from her mother.  Both women are negative energy vampires, always causing fights and discord to drum up enough negativity to cast their spells.  They have recently moved away from the mother and it is my hope that the girl will not be able to maintain the level of magic needed to keep my son.  Any time her reserves are low he starts looking for a way to get away from her.  This is currently happening again and I wonder if there is anything I can do to help break her hold on him for good.  In the past he has gotten out from under her but she has always lured him back.  I think she should be able to hold him without magic if real love were involved.
Thank you for considering my question.

ewww that not a good situation at all!

and a tough one to answer, ..... hmmmmm

okay  first thing is i dont know if she is using energy off her mom only because everyone has there own energies and only if they need extra energies, like a coven of witches do, do we tap into others. but she certainly can do this on her own.

there is a few things that pop into mind that you can do.  This site is incredible when it comes to products and the only one i use for candles and incense. (
I would recommend any of these:
Hex Pillar Candle - Curse Reverse
Hex Pillar Candle - Ward of Protection
Hex Pillar Candle - Clean House
Witches' Shield Ritual Incense
Ward Of Protection - Stick Incense
Salem Witches' Protection Bath Salts
Lilith Dorsey's Hot Foot Powder
Protection Potion
 ***Salem Witches' Protection Spell Kit*** - 1 left of this and it has all you need to protect him so hurry if you want i would really recommend this one.

any of the above will do but here is some other things you can do as well. take kosher salt and be sure he baths with it every night!!!  this will cut any positive and negative energies that are coming and doing him harm.  
take parsley sage rosemary and thyme, boil them in a pot, stain the water and place the potion in the tub once a week.

boil whole cloves in a pot of water, strain, and toss this potion in the girls yard, this will cut her magickal ties to him.

and this one is fun :)   while your son is taking care of his morning business in the bathroom ( the non politically correct term : taking a shit)  tell him to make a little doll out of the toilet paper. name the doll in her name. when he is done, he wipes his ass with her and  FLUSH!

try any number of these things and let me know how it goes for you. non of these things will harm her but def. cuts ties and drives her away

if you have any further questions let me know!  

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