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Hi Alfred. Long time no talk. I hope life has been good for you and those who you care about. I'd just like to let you in on some stuff that has happened and see what you've got to say about them.

As you can hopefully recall, our first chat was with the topic of my Best Friend, Bec, who is a Wiccan, and who dreamt a vision of a spirit showing her of her untimely and unfortunate death. In case I havent explained it thoroughly with you, she explained what happened in the vision to me.

It all went by really quick. She couldnt see a thing because it was dark. She then saw a bunch of lights and heard her sister scream. Not sure how she knew it, but yea, it was her sister's scream. Can't really remember anything else after that.

So here's the weird thing: Last Saturday, I took Bec and her boyfriend Alejandro (who I have mentioned to you in our earlier discussions), as well as her sister, Scarlett, to my hometown for this Spring Festival that took place there.

We went to this one ride, can't really remember what it's called, but it's one of those speedy upside down rides. Anyways, we went on it, and Bec sat next to Alejandro, while I sat with some of our other friends. During the ride, Bec was suddenly sent to a shock after hearing her sister, Scarlett scream and seeing nothing but bright lights, like her vision, and lost all sense of the situation. She was wide-eyed and she wouldn't move or anything. We checked her heart and pulse, and nothing. Nothing was beating. We were extremely worried. Next thing we knew, 3 minutes later, Bec was moving and she was alright and alive.

The thing is though, she and I both knew what happened and she herself told me that she knew she died for at that moment. Her vision came true, but we're still trying to figure stuff out.

I'm wondering: Why would the spirit tell her about this when she doesnt "exactly" end up dead? What was the purpose? Was the spirit trying to warn her, because that didnt really seem necessary. Was he trying to mess with her?

But the most important question that Bec and I are wondering is this: What brought her back? She and I both knew that she was dead. She felt it, and she explained the pain and the emptiness that she felt that moment, and yet, she's back. Don't get me wrong, she's my Best Friend and I love her to death, but we can't help but wonder. What was it that brought her back?

Was it the fact that Alejandro was sitting with her? Or is it supposed to be a sign of some sorts? She and I have actually thought of one theory that maybe it's because Im some form of "Link to her Life/Death", because there has been numbers of times when I have prevented her death and saved her life.

Now lately, her mom, who is also Wiccan and has the Sixth Sense, which I'm still trying to understand, is acting very, uh, how do i put this... Discomforted? Jumpy? Very Careful-like. She knew that this event happened, even though Bec and I never mentioned a word of it to her. Bec and I have noticed her behavior, and we both know that she knows something that we don't. I can't help but wonder what it is, and if it's involved with everything that has happened.

Sorry if this question is really long, but I need to understand everything that's happening in order to protect my Best Friend. Please... Tell me what to do... And what all of this means.


Yes, I do remember our earlier conversation and I can help to interpret and understand what is going on. However, lets turn this into a PRIVATE conversation please. The concepts are not ones that I like to discuss in the open. Which is why her mom is acting "wierd".

Suffice it to say in the open that what she experienced MAY be what we call the Little Death which is part of Indo-European SHAMANIC processes.  So, please contact me privately either here or at



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