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Hi there, many blessings to you. I have been following the Pagan path for several years now, although tend to be very eclectic! I am also a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner. Cerridwen came to me in a dream the other night with a message, I knew nothing about her prior to this dream having always been drawn to the Greek pantheon! I accepted her message, although she scared me half to death with the energy/presence she came with! And I have been doing lots of research on her since, although there's not much information out there other than her original story, could you recommend any books/websites on working with her? Also Maeve, Queen of Fairies came to me a few months prior with a warning, so my other question is are these deities linked at all? I can't seem to find anything linking them! And would they work together?

Thanking you in advance.
Love & Light

Hi Martine,

Yes, Cerridwen can be really scary! There is much that is hidden about this amazing goddess. A few things to look at are the story of TALISEN as this is the primary public story about her.
As the Goddess of Inspiration many Bards are called Cerridorians. I for one have worked with her for years.
She is also important in the context of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding - from a Celtic perspective. Please email me at and we can have lots of fun discussions!

As to research, look into the Welsh Triads as well as the work of John Matthews. I also have some information I can share with you from personal research hence the request for you to contact me at my email.

As to Maeve, she is also known as the MORRIGHAN. There is much mis-information on this deity on the internet. Also, as she figures heavily in Arthurian myths she has been corrupted quite a bit.

Cerridwen and Morrighan are two of the THREE SISTERS that represent Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. In fact, Morrighan, is most often considered the one sister that has the ability to cross the Silver Net from the Otherworld to the physical world with alacrity.

Wite Rayvn is a group here in the states that works very closely with the Morrighan and Cerridwen. You can find more information from that site at =

I look forward to further conversation.

Bright Blessing,

Alfred Willowhawk

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