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QUESTION: I've been seeing these "wolves" for some time now, one is a black wolf, the rest are of different colors. But the one I see often is a large black male wolf. I've had a vision of this wolf bursting through my window and lunging at me. The wolves seem to be coming from the astral plain... But, what I do not understand is how they cannot do physical harm? I have protection spells around me and my house yet, that vision came to me. Last night, I saw him again, watching me, in plain sight where others could see him, but only I could see him... Then he vanished only to come back when everyone in my house was asleep. He reappeared outside my living room window and scared the daylights out of me by sniffing me then sneezing? I'm not sure, but when he is around, I feel very much unsafe. I feel as if I need to carry a weapon with me at all times. Can you help me with this?

ANSWER: Wolves can be either good or bad. If they are a totem animal whose job is to protect you, then try lowering your fright and stand stern with them. Protection spells keep out the bad, icky stuff, and if this is a totem animal of yours, then it will get through. I am doubtful that he is there to harm you, else he would have already. They cannot do physical damage because they are not physical beings. Your energy field, however, they can damage if that were their intention. You're the only one seeing them because you're supposed to see them. Try releasing your fear and try to command him. If it works, then  he's your totem. Else, you can tell him to leave and never come back and do a banishing spell to remove him forever.

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QUESTION: He's not my totem. I've seen my totem. I have barriers protecting me and my house but not when I go out. I know he could have already harmed me if that was his true intention but I can't shake the feeling of him biding his time to do something. I've stood my ground and commanded him to leave but it didn't work. Odd thing is, I never had this problem with wolves until I met my daughter who was from one of my past lives. It started about a week after meeting her. Do you think it could be because of her?

ANSWER: Well then, I would recommend a banishing. I think when you met her, it disrupted something on the astral plane. Perhaps you both remembered something you weren't supposed to. It's actually the reason why I have never done anything regarding my past lives. Try a banishing, and if that doesn't work, strengthen your shield and do another protection spell. The fact that it's not listening to you isn't a good sign. He might just be waiting for you to be vulnerable, but just protect yourself. I intuit that you will be fine. The angels are with you and will protect you. Love and light to you Gina.

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QUESTION: I hadn't gone looking for her, she just sort of fell into my lap so to speak. But I will do as you say. Thank you.

Okay. You can visit my website( and go to the forum. I am certain there is someone there who has been in our position and knows exactly what to do. We can chat further there also, and the admins there are very helpful. I'm certain they can help you more. Love and light.  

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