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QUESTION: So here's the thing i don't trust wiccans which is why i chose you because your information stuck out the most so the question i was looking for help with for the last 15 or more years i've had what seems to be another being attached to my soul not like a split personality and not human or animal most of the time if i keep my psychic abilities shut down i dont have a problem with "him" but when i open up he starts clawing to get out. my friends have seen "him" in there dreams and all discribe the same thing and i had never told them about him and still havent. but they'll all wake up the next day and discribe my what i call my meeting place when i communicate with my ancestors and my gurdians but i was wondering if you could tell me what it might be i have also talk to people who said they were something in a past life and he comes out and put them down like a massive migraine out of nowhere so painful that they fall to there knees .i'm 100% serious not just making it up i've been searching for answers for years but havent any luck finding answers thank you for taking your time and reading my question -Drake Ravencraft-

ANSWER: hey Rave,
if you dont mind describing what he looks like or draw him up and take a picture.

Obviously he is not a positive presents if he causes migraines. So what I want you to start doing until I figure this out is make sure you bathe before bed EVERY night. add kosher salt to the bath.

burn some protection incense.

Have you played around with the Goetia (Lesser key of Solomon) or called upon a demonic energy like Vassago? demon such like him can be worked with but you def have to know how to work with him.

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QUESTION: I've had friends describe it as a male with no skin.personality wise but to me he's not evil but not good either as for the causing of the migraines in most cases they were talking themselves up and the most recent one the person said they were an "angel" in a past life. and he was like oh no you didn't just say that and it was him putting the person in there place sorta for calling on dark energies and using demonic symbols no i haven't i don't mess with magicks i don't understand .oh and i forgot to mention when i first noticed it was when i first awakened to my psychic nature and abilities. also i dont know if this makes a difference but i'm also an HLV (human living vampire)

Demons being only evil is a christian concept, he could be demonic and not purely evil, merely chaotic energy.   male with no skin???  reminds me of that movie Hellraiser.

def. not angelic. idk what they were smoking when they told you that. haha

Im almost certain that it is demonic, not in the evil since but lets not rule that out yet.

being a living vampire i feel that this chaotic energy that you work with has formed him.  (only assuming from what i understand that vampires practice.) Set your boundaries and tell him how it is going to be! if he gets out of hand  throw salt around your space, lite some frankincense and myrrh incense.  and contact Don Henry or Father Sebastian, or Michelle Belanger. all very well known in the vampire community but im sure i dont have to tell you that. although i know a little bit in the practice that is not where my knowledge is.  

But as a Witch/Warlock  Im feel it is a demonic chaotic energy that has been created.  does the name Charles have a meaning to you? for some reason as im typing this im getting that name over and over in my head.  

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