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Hey Labyrinth,

I am not correcting you.  You labeled what we call in Heathenry a Hexan as a Werewolf.  Just a note.

Question though.  Usually, Shukr, Hell Hound/Devil Dogs/Black Dogs only stalk Kinslayers and Oathbreakers.  They do not usually protect people, however I have read lore on them getting between a Oathbreaker, that was their prey, and the Oathbreakers Prey.

They say that if you hear the bark/growl of a Black Dog, then you are dead.

Green Dogs are bringers of Omens.

Red Dogs are seen in at the height of battle.

You spoke of Celtic Dog Creatures.  There is also Native American Lore and Asian Lore on Dog Creatures.  The Beninari Voodoo have lore on Dog Creatures as well.  So do the Kemetics.

Now to my question.  What about Phoukas?  They can change into any type/color of dog?

It's okay...and good.  This is an information sharing site.
The names and stories surrounding these types of creatures are as numerous as the cultures they comes form.  I do use the term 'werewolf' most frequently as it is an image easily understood by the laymen that seek answers here.
Spirit canine creatures - of various names and design according to cultures - are known to have a wide variety of purposes.  And yes, they are from everywhere.  I tend to discuss my own culture and experiences as that is what I am most familiar with.
The phouka/pooka is a shape shifter, but I have never known it to assume dog form.  It usually prefers a hooved animal, and the image is almost always menacing.  I am not the keeper of all teh world's knowledge though - so you never know!  

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