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QUESTION: I do not have experience with white magic or any kind. I am a very spiritual person. I practice yoga, meditation, visualization, things of that sort. I am a strong believer in the law of attraction and manifestation. I never really knew much about witchcraft or white/black magic. Black magic is not something I would personally be interested in, but after doing some reading about white magic, I realized it is very similar to my beliefs and is not at all harmful (please correct me if I'm wrong). I realized it requires a lot of meditation and visualizations and is very close to the law of attraction. I am currently trying to experiment with a spell (my very first attempt at casting a spell). It is a spell to change the eye color. I have been seeing alot of posts online of people you have been successful with this spell. I tried 2 different ones last night and got nothing. Maybe I am doing something wrong or I am not concentrating well enough. I was wondering if you know this spell or can give me some advice on what I can add to it or do differently. There are two that I saw which are the most popular, and then I saw some that are a mixture of both: one includes a pink candle, and an orange candle. Another includes a candle or more than one of the color of eye you desire. Some use all 3 candles, and some include a pentagram. In one of them you meditate and visualize the color of eyes you have for about 5 minutes, then you do the same for the color you desire. When you are done you chant "become of me". In the other spell, you meditate and clear your mind for as long as it takes then visualize your current eye color and chant: "1,2,3, eyes change for me. 1,2,3, (current color) to (desired color) I see". Then you clear your mind again and now visualize the color you want your eyes to be. Once the picture is clear, you chant: "by the power of three, so mote it be". These two spells are kind of mixed, some do it with one candle, some with 2: the pink and the orange, and some with all three. My question is, which do you think would be the most successful way to do it? And also, they are not clear where to place the candles. Should they be around or inside the pentagram? Does it matter which type of candles I use, scented or unscented? And should I add anything to the spell or change anything? I would really appreciate the help. Thank you in advance, Natalie.

ANSWER: First, you should know that magick cannot work against the natural laws. It's entirely governed by physics, biology, etc. So... if a spell like this were to work it would work slowly. You would see a gradual change. It couldn't happen overnight and certainly couldn't happen instantly. Because in order for it to work you would have to change the structure of the cells in your irises. I would never say this is impossible but it is not going to happen instantly. Honestly, my first instinct is to say "This is a silly spell, it wouldn't work" but I have shrunk tumors, so why not change iris pigment?

Second, performing a magick spell is a little more complicated, but not as particular as it would seem.

As far as candles and other things go, those are mostly window dressing. They are included in a spell partially to encourage the proper energy vibrations, but mostly to get you in the mood so that you can create the proper energy vibrations.

In order for the first to work properly, your ritual area has to be carefully cleansed of any residual vibrations. We usually do this by performing a banishing ritual of some sort. Personally I sweep, then asperge (sprinkle blessed water), then smudge and then call in the element through meditation. Others cast a Circle at that point then perform a banishing. Using a drum or bell is also helpful here because of the vibrations. If there is already a bunch of spiritual junk all around your ritual space, the energy you draw into it through your own energy raising or through having corresponding items

In order for the second part to work properly (that is, to get you in the mood) all of these items must represent your goal for you. You have to believe that they do. Now, you can look at a list of correspondences, in this case I would look for the keyword "transformation" and select items related to your goal. Check out Candle colors, symbols, fragrances, herbs and crystals and you can select those that seem right to you. Then, each item that you select, you want to hold onto it for several minutes and feel the power of transformation charging it like a battery. See it glow, feel it get warm. Many people will anoint it with oil at this time. Olive oil is popular and you can scent it with an essential oil that is right for you goal.

As far as the pentagram... you don't even need a physical pentagram. You can draw one in the air or may witches keep a small one on the altar. They may touch their tools to the pentagram or draw one on them as they are blessing them and charging them to their work, but it's a rare witch who has a big one.

Okay, now you've got all your stuff and your ritual space all set up right? So you are pretty much good to go.

The words and etc. don't mean much in a spell. They are there to remind you what you are there for. Visualization and raising energy is the most important thing.

Visualization is seeing (and smelling, hearing, feeling, etc.) your goal in your mind. I find when I am doing something related to Biology that it is helpful to do a little research first. In this case I might look up what actually causes eyes to be a certain color and see if I could find some pictures of the actual cells. That way when I visualize the color changing I will actually visualize the cells changing appropriately. There are more ways to accomplish this. Some people will actually paint a picture of what they're going for, channel their energy into the picture and then after the spell had done its work, burn it.

Building and releasing energy is necessary to bring about any change. You build the energy "charged" with your intention into the Universe or into an item or person, in this case your eyes. There are a number of ways to build energy. That's where the chanting comes in. There are more efficient ways to do it but chanting works too. The idea is to get your blood flowing. To feel the energy build up inside you to a climax and then release it into the Universe, or in this  case into your eyes. So you say your chant over and over again letting the energy build. It helps to gradually get louder. It also helps to use a drum or rattle or just clap your hands and stamp your feet, or dance. Continue focusing on your visualization as you do this.

Once you feel the energy is peaked and you can't possibly contain anymore, release it. If you are dancing, you might do this by simply collapsing. Or you might throw your arms into the air. Or place your hands over your eyes and feel the energy channeling through your arms and hands into your eyes.

This might take a little practice. You might miss your peak and find your energy dissipating before you've had a chance to release it. Or you might find your mind wandering. It's okay. These are muscles you're not used to using.

After you've done all this, it helps to have something sweet to eat to get your brain back in order.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your help and your tips. You were very helpful. If I am doing it in an area with carpet, what kind of banishing spell or ritual can I use? And can I use a Tibetan bowl?

Why not check out this article about banishing rituals. It says it as well as or better than I could: Keep in mind though that there are lots of banishing rituals, some more or less complicated then the example given there.

I should think you could certainly incorporate a Tibetan bowl.

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