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QUESTION: -what are the tools that need to be in an altar
-what colors do the candles to represent the god and the godess need to be,and if i cant get the exact colors what other alternative do I have
- what color does the morning and evening preyer has o be
- can this candles (the God and Godess, and the morning and evening preyer) be a 2' pillar or do they need to be a federal
-And what would be the ritual for anointing all this altar, tools and candles
my Blessing to you
Kelly Skarorn

ANSWER: Hi Kelly,

You are asking for a lot of information, which is good, but hard to present all in one little e-mail reply.

I highly recommend you buy a book of basics.  "Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner"  by Scott Cunningham is easy to understand and very helpful as a first book to work with.  This book has been reprinted a couple of times and I think the title may vary slightly by edition but they are all equally educational.  

Altars vary.  They are a representation of us, and therefore individual, but there are a few basics you will want to start with.  Yes, a candle for the God and Goddess should really be there.  Candle colors vary by ritual purpose and season, but when in doubt you can always use white.  The type of candle is up to you.  I use the seven day candles in the glass jars for the candles that I keep burning all the time, which my altar candles often do.  Two inch pillar candles are also fine.  Any candle at all that will burn for many hours is fine as an altar candle.  If you do not want to keep candles burning when you leave a room - and many people do not, especially if they have cats - then tapers are also good.  Tapers are the best for all spells and ritual uses.
As for other requirements, as incense burner is really needed.  You will want to find an athame, a wand, a bell, a pentacle, and maybe a chalice or goblet of some kind.  Do not just go out and buy them all because you feel like you HAVE to have them.  You don't.  You can use whatever you have around until the right tool finds you.  Other things that you may gather or find will include natural items like crystals and feathers.  You may want small bowls for salt and water.  Every spell and ritual with ask for different items to be on the altar.
I am not sure what you are asking about what color the morning and evening prayer has to be.  Maybe you mean what color candle to burn during those times...
If you have seven day glass candles already burning on the altar, then you don't need extra candles.  Personally, I do my morning and evening prayers outside and do not use candles at all.  
It is customary to anoint candles and charge them to your purpose.  The oil and/or herbs used depend on the ritual purpose.  Put oil in the palm of your power hand (the one you write with) and lie the candle in it.  Beginning in the middle of the candle, close your hand very lightly, concentrate on your intent, and roll the candle clockwise in the oil.  If you are trying to get rid of some thing start in the middle and go down for a while, then go back to the middle and go up.  If you are trying to get something, then start in the middle and go up for a while, then go back to the middle and go down.  Always rolling the candle in your hands, not stroking it up and down.  The idea is to put your energy and thoughts into the candle so it burns with your purpose.  
Tools are consecrated by blessing them to the four elements and dedicating them to the Goddess.  The altar also should be dedicated.  The rituals for these things would be in a good basic learn your wicca handbook such as the one I list, which is the one I require my beginning students to read.  

Welcome Home, Kelly,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: how will I know that certain tool had found me

As you introduce yourself to the Goddess, spiritual things will find you.  You are attracted to them.  One rock amongst a beach full of them will attract your eye, maybe sparkle, feel warm to the touch.  You will want to hold it, want to keep it.  While sitting in a park enjoying the sunshine a bird may land close to you, pull out a feather and drop it.  Hug a tree.  It may feel like its life vibrations are singing to you.  Maybe it will offer you a pine cone, or even allow you to ask it for a branch to make your own wand out of.  A bell may just have the perfect sound when it rings.  That sound will sound so beautiful to you that you know it is the best bell in the world.  Your athame will feel like an extension of your hand, like it was made just for you.

If you are completely new to our world - the first thing I ask all my students to do is just commune with nature.  Go outside and greet the sun for morning prayers.  Feel the warmth and thank the God for providing the energy the world need to be prolific.  If you have time take a walk.  Witness the miracle of life in every flower, the industry of ants and bees, the fascination of flight in birds.  Be awestruck by the wonder in every day things.  Do the same at night.  Thank the Goddess for the fertility she gives us and marvel at the beauty of the stars.  Feel blanketed by the velvet of darkness.  Feel like the moon is shining a spotlight on you.  Say here I am.  I am wic and I am your daughter.  Learn to see the power of the universe in ever grain of salt and sand.  When you are in this place - all the Goddesses miracles with glow around you.

And interesting author named Zoltar said "When you take care of the within, the without will take care of itself."  This means that if you have found that spiritual communion within your heart and soul, the material objects and earthly work will become easier.

Read, Learn, Meditate, allow the Goddess to flow into you...the rest will come.

Blessed Be

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