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I'm going through a really hard time in my life and have been searching for some reasoning behind my suffering. I asked for a sign to show me if my life would be ok. And then came the birds. I've noticed those three particular birds everywhere I go and they seem to be watching me. I've tried researching them but there is not a lot of info on them. They have seemed to flock to my yard. I was wondering if you could help me understand why these birds are here and why they stand out for me the most. I mean there are other birds around the house. These three just stick out the most.

Hi Amber,

Birds are indeed potent messengers. These three birds are very interesting when taken together. In most traditions Bird Augury or reading messages from birds is an important and sometimes overlooked practice.

First I will give each one separately then look at the theme or overall message that you are receiving.

The Brewers Blackbird

Blackbirds are the FIRST Bird. They represent messages that are "wakeup" calls from the spiritual realms. It tells you that you are about to receive "hidden" information that will illuminate your path. They are a GOOD  sign, and they are also sharing their energy with you so you can act upon the information you are receiving.

The European Starling

Starlings are another great messenger.They represent that you are under protection, have hope, Family, Unity, Communication is coming.

The Cardinal

Is a messenger that states:

the cardinal represents a return of joy, balance in body, mind and spirit.It also says there is a  spiritual transformation coming and there are intellectual insights and heightens intuition working in you.  It also says "I am here to help you manifest your ideas and dreams. It also gives you the ability to discern truth from fantasy.

Ok, taken all together I sense the following message for you!

Hello! We are talking to you. We have heard your request and here is the answer. It is a good thing that you have asked for clarity from the universe for the information you desire has been "hidden" from you! YOU are PROTECTED, your suffering is part of the balance of all life, and things are about to change for you! This has been part of the process of transformation of your life and the getting rid of what does not work for you anymore. As this part of your life ends you will manifest your true desires and dreams!

This is what I get from all the birds. I intuit that you are truly at the end of a cycle in your life. Please feel free to contact me either here privately or at

One last thing, I have several publications that may help you. TO not seem like a commercial, please contact me at the email above!

Bright Blessing,
Alfred Willowhawk

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