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I've been meditating for a while now,but I always seem to end up coming to the same place in my mind,and I was wondering if you could tell me what this place is,and why I keep coming to it.I meditate,and I always end up in a field surrounded by tall autumn grass,under an oak tree.There's greenery under the tree,and a black cat is beside me.I can hear a creek babbling nearby,but I don't see it.I see a Paint horse out grazing in the field.He'll look up every now and again,but he never comes over.There's trees on either side of the field.I feel the cool autumn breeze,and the sun on my back.I always feel peaceful there. What is this place,and what are my surroundings trying to teach me?

Everyone has a place where they go to meditate. This sounds like this is your place. The peaceful feeling means that your spirit is at peace there and that's a fantastic thing! Don't read too much into the surroundings. When you're there, ask your guides to show themselves and see what happens. I go to a place like that to speak with my guides and for counsel from the Archangels. It's a truly wonderful thing that you've found - but use it well and often!

Let me know how your progress goes and feel free to ask me anything. Also, if you feel like sharing this experience, my website ( ) has a massive forum and I'm certain you'll find other people who have had the same experience as you have.

Love and light,

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