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My sister had a dream that shewas walking down a road with her mom and dr.s that are going to perform her c-section and the specialists that need to be there as she had mesh surgery from 2 herinas. Then she walked into a dark room where i was at and we walked together. durring our walk she was saying goodbye to me and was told to go into the surgery room. she said the room was  bright. she onlygot  to the door but never went in as her youngest son touched her back and she woke up. Her baby in her belly Kronos was kicking and moving like crazy. what does her dream mean??? She is scared that she wont make it out of the o.r. as the old ones are comming to her again.

Sometimes dreams are prophetic, but sometimes they are just dumping stress.  It sounds like the pregnancy has been pretty stressful.  Mesh is very very dangerous.  If the Old Ones really are coming for her, there is nothing that can done...but you should not assume this.  I highly recommend that she do some deep meditation and ask whatever spirits are there what is going on.  While this would be scary if you were in her situation, for anyone, it is most likely stress.

There is one thing I do wonder about in this story.

Is the baby called Kronos in the dream?  Or is that really what you are going to name him?  

If you are calling naming the baby Kronos - then for heavens sake why??  If Old Spirits are following you, maybe you are calling them.  Why else would you invoke the name of a Titan and make the offering of a baby to him????

If he is just called Kronos in the dream...well that I'd like to know...why?  who calls him that??  Maybe it is a warning about the baby himself.  Not about his safe birth, but about who he is, or will be.  

Let me know about the name.

But there is nothing else that says good or bad.  Keep trying to invoke meditative visions, or more dreaming to get more information.  

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