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when I get I favor granted, how can I repay the Goddess. few days ago I performed a ritual  asking the Goddess something specific, when I got the favor granted I have seen, like many messages about the favor, and I have a feeling must give something in return

Yes, we absolutely need to give back.  All the God/dess asks in return for favors is our homage - saying thank you.
Here are some good ways to do that...
Always greet the sun (God) and the moon (Goddess) in the morning and evening.  For example, go outside when the moon rises.  Get a good view.  Take some deep breaths.  Feel her energy coming down to you.  Now just talk to her...thanks so much for the bounty of love and energy I received today.  I appreciate that special thing you did for me...tell her how it helped.  And I wanted to tell you that those flowers you grew in the park are just awesome...stuff like this.  Do the sun in the morning as you go out to work.

Keep an altar.  Go there anytime to lay an offering.  Bring a shell, or flower, or apple, or whatever you choose to put there, light a candle and say something like...My gracious Lady and loving Lord, of restless sea and verdant earth, accept this small gift as a token of my humble gratitude to you who keep my soul, heal my body, and grace my mind with the wisdom of the universe.  Keep the item on the altar until it wilts or otherwise dies then bury it or put it out in a forest to return to the earth.

Do good deeds.  Feed birds or other creatures, help the elderly, tutor children, feed the homeless, pick up trash, recycle, do anything in the service of others.  Do it for the glory of God/dess, not for recognition for you.  It's that idea of paying it forward.  Something good happened to you, so you make sure something good happens to another person.  Maybe that's the Goddesses way of answering their prayers.  When you pray and meditate, tell the God/dess that you are paying homage to how you passed on the good fortune they gave you.  

I am so glad that you think about this.  
Blessed Be.

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