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how can I make a broom or a besom and whats the difference


Phillipine Broom
Phillipine Broom  
A besom is a broom made with twigs or brush rather than straw.  Either will do for magick work as it is not used to actually sweep the ground at all.  It is used symbolically to sweep negative energy from an area where you would like to work.

Both consist of getting a handle and tying the brush on.  Material choice will depend on where you live and what your resources are.  Some woods have magick properties so you may want to research that if you have different types of wood available to you.  The hardest part is tying on  - and keeping it ties on - the brush section.  I have never been able to get a homemade broom to stay together for me!  I just buy the Philippine broom.

I am going to try and attach pictures of a besom and a Philippine broom.  This besom does not have a handle at all.  That style might be easier to make.

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