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QUESTION: Hi my name is CR. My mom and her friend were driving back from Florida, they were probably in the Alabama area, and saw a white wolf. It was late night early morning. My mom said it was definitely not a white Shepard or coyote (bigger). It stood at side of road just outside the woods, stared at them as they drove by and the walked back into the woods. As far as I know there are no wolves in the southern states. I strongly believe in animal spirits and am curious if there could be any meaning.


Animal spirit guides are part of many peoples paths. It may be that the message was for YOU through your mom and not necessarily for her. Of course, it may have been for her, her friend or even all of you. Here is what the White Wolf represents.

The animal itself can represent a recognition of a persons true desire to pursue a stronger connection to their faith or spiritual practice. It also represents to many Native American tribes a pure spirit messenger. If an individual has a totem or animal ally of White Wolf they are individuals who are very closely related to the spirit realms.

Wolves also give there human allies the gift of Wisdom. So, if any of you were seeking clarity on a particular situation and had several ideas as to what was going on in the situation then the White Wolf ( especially as it was facing them on the road) is granting the ability to discern that clarity.

In Europe, particularly the Celtic lands ( Madadh-alludh) the Wolf teaches one to be a Warrior Spirit which means, how to be strong in your convictions, define your boundaries and walk your walk. It also is a Guardian of the Path of Wisdom and sometimes will lead individuals to their magickal teacher.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the quick reply. I didn't want to go into great detail til I received an initial answer. My mom has been fighting an illness for several months. She is trying to decide if she wants to continue treatment or come off of them. They are not working. She is a Christian (Pentecost like church without all the strict confines). She just assumed it was a wolf but like I said we don't have wolves here unless it was a hybrid and someone's pet.

So the part of the answer about clarity makes sense to me. If you have any additional insight with this new information I would appreciate it. Thank you again for taking time to help.

Bright Blessings to you as well,



Clarity for good decisions is exactly what the wolf was there for. In the craft we are always very careful of our intent. As she is not Wiccan the decision and the Warrior aspect of this animal ally still stands firm.

The decision for her to change the treatments, now after wolf she has the information she needs to make the best decision for herself that she can. My suggestion is to be encouraging and not judgemental and to be a really good listener at the current time. Then as she makes the decision support her in what ever she decided.



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