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hi i am not a pagan nor a witch. my sister is. she practicrs white .black.voodo.all kinds of stuff. she is extremely immature for her age she is 48 has a anger tempet control problem which lets say got her in a bit of a pickle in the past. she blames her inabilitu to get a job on the fact she is cursed . she lives with me and my boyfriend which isn t too productivr. we have not asked anything from het gave her time to recover so and to speak. b ear in mind this woman is college educated  maniplative sneaky and a big time liar. she says my boy friend is the problem she knows she is a vampirr and she  drains him she hate s him.  she starts aruguments fights and i am afrid the ops will take her away.
if you can help me i need answes is she in need of a committal? i don t thonk the boy friend is the evil one. i think she is over the deep end. i can t think from her she is clingy needy and i will have surgery in few weeks i need peace. can you help?

Okay. I'm sorry to hear that you are going through all that struggle.  In order for me to help I must ask in what way do you need my help.  I just want to make sure I'm the man for the job or maybe I need to direct you to somewhere or someone else.  I can do some magical work for you on this situation or even better I can tell you what to do and how.  Even though you are not a practitioner you can do magick and it will work better this way because you are emotionally Involved in to this and the emotion will fuel the spell to work.  Thank you for taking the time to write me and looking forward to hearing back from you.  

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