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Dear Rev. Gillespie,

I am twenty years old, and have been interested in Wicca since the age of 13. In high school, some friends of mine mentioned that they shared this interest, but I quickly found out that they viewed Wicca as more of a tool to upset adults and "get back at people who were mean to them with curses." I knew at the time that Wicca was a spiritual path and NOT a form of rebellion, so I decided to wait until I could find people around me who could treat it with the respect and seriousness it deserves. I could not practice on my own, what with being raised in an extremely Christian household with many family members, and hence no privacy.

Now that I am in university, I have met some people who follow various Pagan religious paths. However, these people have mentioned to me that they were either born into Pagan families or were practicing their religion since their early teen days. Many have gone so far as to tell me that at this point in life, having been raised Christian and never having an opportunity to actually practice Wicca rather than simply research it, that it is too late for me to ever understand a Pagan path. I myself would like to think that I just so happened to stumble upon some narrow minded and rude people, and I usually dismiss such pronouncements as stuff and nonsense. But I must admit that I keep wondering if it really is too late for me to begin serious study of Wicca, and if I'm an anomaly for wanting to do so past the "questioning period" of the teenage years. I know some Wiccans in the community who are far older than me, but they've been involved with their religion for what seems like time immemorial. Sometimes I feel like I've missed out on the "formative years" of spiritual development and it's a little too late for big changes.

Apologies if this sounds like a silly thing to ask. I'm from a small town and go to a small university, and believe me, 99 percent of the people I know adopt their family's religion and don't question such things. Thank you for taking the time to read this, any answer would be appreciated.


Hello becca
This is not a silly question but a silly notion.  You didn't know so by asking someone with clearly more knowledge than those who proposed that notion is the right thing.  You can certainly become a witch with no problem and if you listen to me I can have you running circles around these people. Lol.  The fist thing I want you to do is get two books. Psychic self-defense by dion fortune. Mastering witchcraft by Paul huson. Read them in this order. Psychic self defense is your foundation onto which you will build your craft. It is a required reading in my ministry. Once you have read this completely and you understand the material then read mastering witchcraft.  Keep in mind this is a hard core book and it is witchcraft not Wicca.  These are two different things.  This book is one of the best on the market on the subject and is not sugar coated. The Wiccan books of today have good information and are helpful but I'm of the belief to read these later in your training so you won't confuse yourself on what a witch is and what a Wicca is. Now having said that if you want to just practice Wicca let me know and I can also walk you through this training. But if you wish to be a full blown witch read the two above books and let me know how you feel about the material.  Regardless of which path you choose I recommend reading dion fortunes book first anyway cause no mater what occult training you do this will be your foundation so you can be protected no matter what.  Sugar coated or not you need to know how to handle evil and negative energies and people.  

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