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Im trying to begin my pagan path but i dont know where to begin. I dont know which deities i want to worship or anything, where would be a good place to start?

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I always recommend starting any occult studies by reading psychic self defense by dion fortune. This book is a staple in my ministry. This will be your foundation onto which you will build your studies. I personaly don't work with deity that often I mostly work with the dead and if I do ask deity for things it's usually Hecate or Anubis who are gods of the dead. But having said that I am a strong believer in not to choose the gods because they will choose you and this will come in time. Till then keep it general god and goddess. I was chosen by the dead.  After you read this book and only after I want you to get the book mastering witchcraft by Paul huson. Now this is a ballsy book about real deal witchcraft. The best book on the subject in my opinion. This is not NOT a Wiccan book. If you want to practice Wicca I then suggest you pick up Scott Cunningham book Wicca for the solitary practitioner.  But if you want to be an old school witch then get Paul Hudson's book.

Either way you go read dion fortunes book first.  And if you decide to go the path of the Wicca don't let it limit your studies.  Read every think take what works for you. If you read my bio on this site you will find what I do doesn't work for alot of people abs especially in the craft community I get some heat for what I do. But here is the thing. My magic works when theirs fails because I study and work hard at being a warlock.  It's a passion.

The best of luck to you on your path.  If you have any question please let me know and on a side note another damn good book is Christian day's the witches book of the dead. And his online store is  This is where I buy a lot of my supplies. There incense and candles smell amazing and they work!!!

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