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Hello I would like to enchant an object. I plan on cleansing it but how would I go about doing that. I also plan on using a god or goddess. When I enchant my object should I do it in the dark with a specific color candle?
How exactly do I enchant an object?

Enchanting is much like 'programming' a crystal. The most versatile way to cleanse is to smudge with smoke. It does not damage any material it comes into contact with. (A salt bath would damage cloth, some softer crystals, cards, etc). There are different methods of enchanting - and really it's all a personal preference.

I would cleanse the item, then hold it in my hands and visualise what I want it to do. If I'm enchanting for protection, for instance, I would visualise it protecting me, like a shield would. I don't use the dark rooms, and candles, and all the stereotypical 'witchy' items. The most I would do is ensure the room is quiet and cleansed. But as I said before, it's a personal preference. If you want to do it in a dark room with candles lit and some incense with mystical music playing softly, then do that. Whatever makes you comfortable and raises your energy or 'power'. And don't let anyone tell you there is a wrong and right way to this. Because magick technique is all about personal preference.  

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